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Reflections on copyright in academic vs commercial sectors

Note: the below was originally drafted as a short reflection to go in my Chartership portfolio. After asking on Twitter I thought a few people might be interested to see it, so I redrafted it as a blog post. Enjoy! Having spent much of my career in ‘special’/workplace libraries, when I moved to the academic sector […]

Chartership: completing the PKSB

This post is pretty long-delayed, but better late than never! This year I’ve decided to finally crack on with Chartership, following two (!) previously abandoned attempts. To this end, a couple of months ago I went through the PKSB (Professional Knowledge and Skills Base) to identify the areas I needed to focus on. I thought […]

Learning and development: (almost) mid-year update

Looking back on my post in January at my plans for learning and development this year, I’m pleased to say that, although I haven’t kept up the rate of blogging I perhaps ambitiously planned, I am well underway with so many development opportunities I will definitely have a full blog by the end of the […]

CILIP Chartership Course

I went on a “Your Guide to Chartership and Certification” course a  few weeks ago, at Leeds Metropolitan University. I must admit, I didn’t go with the highest hopes – this is a compulsory course you have to do to complete chartership, so I did wonder if it might be a bit of a box-ticking […]

Thing 23: Final reflection

This post is part of 23 Things for Professional Development. I made it! I made it to the final Thing! Oh, I never thought I’d get here… There are a few tasks for this Thing, so I’m going to work through them sequentially: 1. Reflect on the programme in general and what you want to […]

Reflective writing

A couple of weeks ago, I went on a Reflective Writing course run by CILIP, as part of my chartership preparation. It was a really useful course, and I’d recommend it even if you’re not chartering – reflective practice in general is important for any kind of CPD, and this course was a useful way […]

CPD23 Thing 11: Mentoring

I’ve had 4 “official” mentors: the two mentors I was assigned when I attended the SLA conference in 2009 on the SLA Europe Early Career Conference Award; and the two chartership mentors I’ve had – one in London when I first registered for chartership, and one I’ve just met in Leeds having moved here and […]