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Learning and development: (almost) mid-year update

Looking back on my post in January at my plans for learning and development this year, I’m pleased to say that, although I haven’t kept up the rate of blogging I perhaps ambitiously planned, I am well underway with so many development opportunities I will definitely have a full blog by the end of the year! I thought it would be useful, for my own purposes as much as anything else, to note a quick (almost) mid-year round-up here of what I’ve done so far and what I’m planning to do.

I’ve done lots of CPD so far this year, but am way behind on writing up and reflecting on what I’ve done, so I’m also intending this post to be a bit of a prompt to get on with the writing side…

Already completed:

  • Teaching Assistant Preparation Programme (TAPP) – 8 week course in the basics of teaching, completed through work. This was a fantastic introduction to teaching, and although I didn’t blog about it (bar one post sparked by an idea discussed in session rather than the session itself), I’ve got stacks of semi-coherent notes which I have actually referred back to since finishing the course, and found useful!
  • ARLG event on digital literacy – I attended this in February, and learned loads about the concept of digital literacy and how it is managed (or not!) in academic libraries. It was great to see the variety of perspectives on the day, and I’ve got a half-written blog post about a couple of interesting ideas from the day, that I am determined to finish writing this week!
  • Library chats: I’ve managed to dip into a couple of Twitter chats this year, which I don’t intend to write up, but just wanted to note here as something I’ve really enjoyed! It’s been great to reconnect with the fantastic librarian community on Twitter 🙂

Coming up:

  • I’ve decided this year to finally complete my CILIP Chartership. I started the process several years ago, but due to a combination of personal problems and job changes, ended up abandoning it. I also think I developed a bit of a mental block over the process, making it into this massive insurmountable task, which it really isn’t! I’m going through the PKSB this week, and meeting my new mentor on Friday, so look out for many more Chartership-themed posts in future 🙂
  • Very excitingly, I’ve got a place on a Pedagogy for Librarians residential course, run by the Northern College’s teacher training team and subsidised by CILIP’s information literacy group, next month! I’m simultaneously very excited and very nervous about it. I’ve realised since starting in my role as subject librarian back in October that it wasn’t just beginner’s nerves/imposter syndrome, I really do have a lot to learn about teaching. And I’m really keen to learn – I could never be a full-time teacher, but as part of my wider role as librarian I love it, and am really looking forward to learning to be better at it.
  • Equally excitingly, I’m off to two conferences this summer: SLA in Boston, USA, in June, and (somewhat less exotically) CILIP in Liverpool, in July! So I’ll be pretty conferenced-out by August… The programmes for both conferences look fantastic, I know I’ll learn loads. In previous years I’ve written up detailed, session-by-session reports of conferences I’ve been to, but I’m not planning on doing that this time – partly because it takes FOREVER, and partly because they’re dull to write and probably dull to read too. Instead, I’ll probably do a couple of round-up posts on key things, my main takeaways, etc.
  • Finally, on Thursday 16th July I will be speaking at a CILIP Yorkshire & Humberside and UKeiG networking event, about my use of social media for personal and professional development. It’ll be (I understand) a pretty informal event, with myself and a couple of others (including the incomparable @pennyb, who I am rather nervous about speaking alongside…), giving short talks about social media, followed by afternoon tea. If you fancy it, contact j.vodden@nabarro.com for details and to book.

So that’s more or less it! It’s looking like a busy but interesting summer for me 🙂

Close up / Macro of four felt-tip-pencils in green, yellow, blue and orange

Close up / Macro of four felt-tip-pencils in green, yellow, blue and orange by photosteve101, on Flickr

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