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CILIP Umbrella: Access to Government Information

After the first-timers lunch (a great opportunity to chat to some fellow newbies!) I went to a session on access to UK government information. This is a topic I’m quite passionate about, so I was interested to hear about the current initiatives to make public information more accessible. There were two speakers in this session: […]

CILIP Umbrella: Day One – morning

Another week, another conference… Tuesday and Wednesday this week were spent at the CILIP Umbrella conference in Hatfield. I’d been looking forward to this one: not having been to many CILIP events, I was interested to see what they had to offer. The conference programme looked very broad (although being CILIP there was a heavy […]

Mashed Libraries 2009: Mash Oop North!

Note: I actually wrote most of this on the train on the way home from Huddersfield last Tuesday, but due to my insanely busy week have only just managed to get it finished off! Will be blogging my last two days at CILIP Umbrella next, will try and get that up a little quicker… Just […]