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Ebooks and me

I love books, and I love reading. Not astonishing statements coming from a librarian, but there you go. I never go anywhere without a book, hence always carrying an enormous handbag. I hate having nothing to read so will occasionally carry two books, if there’s a risk that I might finish the first before I […]

How not to take criticism

Yesterday evening, I wrote a review of a book I received through the LibraryThing Member Giveaway program. It was not a positive review: I didn’t enjoy the book. I don’t think it was a particularly vicious review, though – I tried to be measured, and reasonable, and offer some constructive feedback. The author of the […]

Thank you for not tweeting

I was at the CILIP London Branch AGM tonight, and there was a talk from Professor David Nicholas on UCL’s “Google Generation” research project. Interesting stuff, will probably blog about it tomorrow, but I just wanted to write a quick post about something that happened right at the end of the evening. I’d been tweeting […]


Saw this comic a couple of weeks ago (HT @barbaragordon) and – as well as making me laugh – it made me think about my own online profile. Now, I pretty much live online. I’m on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, LibraryThing, Delicious, Google Reader, Flickr, Blogger, WordPress (of course!) and probably a bunch of others I’ve […]

Post-holiday catch-up

So, I got back from Egypt almost a week ago (which was fab! Some pics on Flickr, if anyone’s interested) and I’ve had a lot of catching up to do! Came back to over 100 emails (in my personal inbox) and over 600 new items in Google Reader. Have cleared my inbox now but am […]

Organising collections

Lyn Robinson (director of the Information Studies Scheme at City University, where I am studying) has an interesting post on her blog about the nature of collections. She talks about how she arranges and rearranges her books (and other collections of objects) in her home, never quite satisfied with how they are organised, as every […]