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Thing 7: Face-to-face networking and professional organisations

This post is part of 23 Things for Professional Development. This week’s Thing is actually two linked Things, and I consider both particularly important to my own professional development. I’m a member of several different professional associations, and find all of them valuable in different ways. One of the main things they do is give […]

CILIP membership – update

After Wednesday’s post on CILIP’s membership fees, Richard Hawkins of the CILIP Information and Advice team very kindly offered to scan me the relevant pages from old editions of the Gazette, showing the last few years subscription rates and bands (I just have to say here that although I haven’t had occasion to use the […]

CILIP membership

Had a really interesting conversation on Twitter today about CILIP membership fees. I just wanted to jot down a few thoughts here, as I really think that there’s more to say about this than can be accommodated in 140 characters… The Twitter talk kicked off because the renewals for my various professional body memberships are […]

Post-holiday catch-up

So, I got back from Egypt almost a week ago (which was fab! Some pics on Flickr, if anyone’s interested) and I’ve had a lot of catching up to do! Came back to over 100 emails (in my personal inbox) and over 600 new items in Google Reader. Have cleared my inbox now but am […]

So, um, what now?

After nearly 7 months of hard work, sleepless nights, endless cups of tea, countless hours of wondering why on earth I’d attempted it in the first place, and the occasional beautiful moment where everything came together and made sense, I have finished my dissertation! I submitted it on Wednesday – one copy online, and two […]

SLA vote – yea or nay?

Now that I’ve got only two days left in which to decide whether I want to be a member of the Special Libraries Association or the Association for Strategic Knowledge Professionals, it’s probably about time I actually made up my bloody mind. Part of the reason I’ve put off voting for so long is that […]

The Changing Landscape of the Information Profession

I went to an SLA Europe-hosted panel discussion on the 25th November (I know, it’s taken me a while to write this up – dissertation deadline is looming!) on the future of the information profession. There is a full report of the event on the SLA Europe blog, as well as blog posts from Sara […]

Am I a “Strategic Knowledge Professional”?

You may have already heard that the Special Libraries Association (SLA), as a result of their extensive research during the alignment project, have proposed a name change. The new name, to be voted on by SLA members next month, is the “Association for Strategic Knowledge Professionals”, or “ASKPro“. I’ve waited until now to blog my […]

Professional body membership, benefits of

On Wednesday evening I went along to the CLIG AGM, at the lovely Ye Olde Mitre. I’ve only recently joined CLIG, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that my employer would pay for membership – not only for CLIG, but apparently for any relevant professional body (my boss’ words were “CILIP, BIALL, any of the […]