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An academic library’s experience of National Libraries Day 2015

A few weeks ago in the UK, it was National Libraries Day – an annual celebration of the goodness of libraries. The focus of the Day is largely on public libraries, these being the types of libraries most people engage with, and also arguably those most at risk in the current political and economic climate. […]

Storify: Marketing Yourself, Marketing Your Service

Last week, I went to an SLA Europe event in Leeds on “Marketing Yourself, Marketing Your Service”. I had a great time – Ned and Bethan had lots of interesting, thought-provoking things to say (as always!), and it was good to get out and talk to some people (having been a bit of a hermit […]

SLA 2011: Alignment

Unsurprisingly, one recurring theme at SLA 2011 was the idea of alignment. I say unsurprisingly because a couple of years ago, SLA undertook a substantial amount of research into the users and stakeholders of special libraries, as part of the alignment project. The idea behind alignment is to ensure that the values, language and goals […]

Library Day in the Life Round 5: Wednesday

I am taking part in the Library Day in the Life this week. I am currently working as an information assistant at a London law firm. As I’ve taken part in the project twice before, I’ve decided that rather than write a full account of each day (which gets rather repetitive), I’m going to pick […]

Library advocacy and the dangers of the “echo chamber”

Following a conversation on Twitter this morning, me and thewikiman (@theREALwikiman) are trying to find out if anyone has any good ideas for overcoming the “echo chamber” effect in library advocacy. It’s easy to spend time preaching to the converted, but how do you reach people who don’t use the library, aren’t interested in what […]

CILIP Umbrella: Second Life

My final session I attended was on “Professional inspiration to join the communities of Second Life”. I went along to this one out of pure curiosity – I’d never used Second Life at all, I didn’t really understand what it was for and I absolutely didn’t get how it could be a useful tool for […]

CILIP Umbrella: Professional Education in the 21st Century

My final session of the day was a panel discussion on “Professional Education in the 21st Century”. As a current LIS student, I was looking forward to hearing what the panellists thought we should be studying, and how this compared with my experience at City. The four panellists were all LIS employers, from four different […]