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‘The Google Generation: implications for libraries and librarians’

As mentioned, I attended the CILIP London branch’s AGM yesterday evening. Although I am a member of CILIP London I’d never been to any of their meetings before, or really had any involvement with them, so I can’t say I was particularly interested in the AGM! I went along because I wanted to hear Professor […]

Library advocacy and the dangers of the “echo chamber”

Following a conversation on Twitter this morning, me and thewikiman (@theREALwikiman) are trying to find out if anyone has any good ideas for overcoming the “echo chamber” effect in library advocacy. It’s easy to spend time preaching to the converted, but how do you reach people who don’t use the library, aren’t interested in what […]

I’m sorry, it doesn’t exist

Just a little food for thought before the holidays – this’ll probably be my last post until after the new year (unless something extra fun and exciting crops up that I just have to blog about – always a possibility!). Happy Hogswatch everyone! *** There’s an interesting (and only slightly ranty) thread on the Librarians […]

Wants a MASSIVE database with everything in it kthx

**DISCLAIMER** Mindful of what happened last time I tried to comment that a non-librarian blogger might be a bit mistaken regarding access to information issues, I’d just like to point out that I am not having a go at Andrew! Just find users’ perspective on this stuff interesting. K? *** Stumbled across this blog post […]

‘The Google-isation of [Re]search’

Went to a discussion on Wednesday (organised by SLA Europe and kindly sponsored by EBSCO) on “The Google-isation of [Re]search”. Really interesting talk – I don’t think I came away with anything particularly new, but it was good to hear a few people’s perspectives on the Google effect. David Nicholas of UCL started by giving […]

Athens users: follow-up

Last week, I blogged some thoughts on managing user access to e-journals, inspired by a tweet from Ben “Bad Science” Goldacre. I won’t rehash everything I said in the last post, but my basic point was that confusion over the different ways of accessing online subscriptions often leads users to just pick one and ignore […]

Athens users

On Tuesday evening, I got home after having dinner with some library school friends and decided to put in a couple of hours work on my dissertation in advance of a meeting with my supervisor on Wednesday (which went swimmingly – didn’t get told off for starting a new job when I was supposed to […]