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Reflections from LILAC 2016

Last week I was lucky to be able to attend the LILAC conference in Dublin. For those not in the know, LILAC is an annual information literacy conference, run by CILIP’s Information Literacy Group. I was really excited for LILAC, as I’ve been hearing about it from the many librarians I know and follow on […]

Pedagogy for Librarians Day Three: Planning learning, and radical librarians!

As my Day Two post was getting a bit long, I’ve shifted my notes on the last activity of the day to this post instead, to balance my posts out a little… On Tuesday¬†evening, we got together for a group discussion led by Andrew Walsh, about the definition of information literacy. Andrew got us to […]

New job – and a call for help!

In case you missed my Twitter announcement yesterday – I has a new job! From October, I will be subject librarian (health and engineering) at the University of Huddersfield. I’m really excited for the move – it’s a really interesting job, and Huddersfield Uni just looks like a fantastic place to work. An awesome library, […]

I’m sorry, it doesn’t exist

Just a little food for thought before the holidays – this’ll probably be my last post until after the new year (unless something extra fun and exciting crops up that I just have to blog about – always a possibility!). Happy Hogswatch everyone! *** There’s an interesting (and only slightly ranty) thread on the Librarians […]