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Online 2011: Search Engine Update

This session featured three speakers each covering a different aspect of the current search engine landscape. First up was Marydee Ojala, with a talk entitled “So many search engines, so little time”. People equate both “search” and “online” with “google”. However, Google’s relevancy is declining: they have no more commitment to advanced search options, and […]

Dow Jones webinar – How to increase your organisational intelligence

Last week, I attended a Dow Jones webinar, hosted by Mary Ellen Bates and Anne Caputo, on “The true value of information”. It was a very interesting hour, and I came away with a few good insights into how to demonstrate the value of information in the age where everything appears to be freely available […]

Why I deleted my Google+ account

I’ve just taken the plunge and deleted my Google+ account. This is in a large part due to the “meh” factor, eloquently described by Emma Cragg, but also due to my uncomfortableness with some of the privacy aspects of it. See Librarian by Day’s excellent summary of why Google+ is a privacy disaster waiting to […]

‘The Google-isation of [Re]search’

Went to a discussion on Wednesday (organised by SLA Europe and kindly sponsored by EBSCO) on “The Google-isation of [Re]search”. Really interesting talk – I don’t think I came away with anything particularly new, but it was good to hear a few people’s perspectives on the Google effect. David Nicholas of UCL started by giving […]