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2015: professional development review

So, I have half an hour left of my last working day of 2015, my desk is about as tidy as it’s ever going to get… So I think I’ve got time for a quick reflection on how the year has gone! Mainly, it’s gone…fast. It doesn’t seem five minutes since I was writing my […]

2015: the year of learning and development

Gosh, didn’t 2014 go quickly! That’s my poor excuse for the pitiful 6 blog posts I managed last year, anyway… Despite setting a professional goal*┬álast January┬áto blog at least once per month, after the first few months I didn’t manage to post anything at all until my new job announcement in August, and then didn’t […]

Looking back and looking ahead

Inspired by Suzanne Wheatley’s post on Information Today, I thought I’d use my traditional* end-of-year post to not just set goals for 2013, but to look back on some of my achievements in 2012. This has been an incredibly difficult year for a number of reasons, some public and some not, so it seems like […]

My goals for 2012

Looking back at my last two end-of-year posts, I’m really struggling to muster anything like the same levels of enthusiasm I apparently had then. 2011 has been an incredibly tough year – on a personal level, at least – on the professional side, it’s actually been pretty good. Still, it’s hard to keep the high […]

3 things I learned in 2010

Inspired by these posts from Justin Hoenke, Bobbi Newman and Daniel Cornwall, I’ve decided to write my own list of lessons learned in 2010. I really like this idea, and hope more people pick it up – I wrote a list of new years resolutions on my blog last year, none of which I’ve really […]

Happy New Year!

Well, here’s to 2010! 2009 was a pretty good year for me overall, so really I’m hoping for much the same from 2010. There’s quite a few good things coming up this year – I will hand in my dissertation in a couple of weeks; jet off to Egypt for a much-needed holiday shortly after […]