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Online learning and the digital divide

As part of my professional development at work, I’ve started an 8-week course on the basics of teaching. It’s aimed at postgraduate researchers who may need to take on teaching responsibilities. I asked to go on it as well because, being new to teaching in higher education, I thought I could use a few pointers! […]

‘The Google Generation: implications for libraries and librarians’

As mentioned, I attended the CILIP London branch’s AGM yesterday evening. Although I am a member of CILIP London I’d never been to any of their meetings before, or really had any involvement with them, so I can’t say I was particularly interested in the AGM! I went along because I wanted to hear Professor […]

‘The Google-isation of [Re]search’

Went to a discussion on Wednesday (organised by SLA Europe and kindly sponsored by EBSCO) on “The Google-isation of [Re]search”. Really interesting talk – I don’t think I came away with anything particularly new, but it was good to hear a few people’s perspectives on the Google effect. David Nicholas of UCL started by giving […]

Wikipedia to Colour Code Untrustworthy Text

Now this looks interesting: apparently Wikipedia are introducing a new gadget to colour-code text according to how long it’s remained unedited, and how reliable the editor is (based on how long their edits persist). Obviously it won’t be perfect: the developers admit that “If 20 people are all biased in one way, our tool does […]