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Reflections on copyright in academic vs commercial sectors

Note: the below was originally drafted as a short reflection to go in my Chartership portfolio. After asking on Twitter I thought a few people might be interested to see it, so I redrafted it as a blog post. Enjoy! Having spent much of my career in ‘special’/workplace libraries, when I moved to the academic sector […]

Open Rights Group

As an information professional, I am both interested in and hugely concerned about digital rights and information rights. That is why for the past few years, I’ve been a member of campaign organisation Open Rights Group (ORG). ORG is a non-profit, campaigning on everything from “e-voting to copyright, open data and privacy”. We live in […]

BIALL/NetIKX Seminar: The Future of Copyright

Back in May I attended a seminar jointly run by BIALL and NetIKX, on “The Future of Copyright”. It was fairly timely for me as I’d just taken over as copyright officer within my team at work, so a refresher seemed like a good idea! There were two speakers: Charles Oppenheim, on changes to copyright […]

Who cares? It’s only copyright!

This is something that’s been rattling around my brain for a while. As an information professional, I am required to care about copyright. I am required to at least try to make sure the lawyers in my firm abide my our CLA licence, and I am required to follow the rules myself (of course). However, […]