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Relevance and perceptions of information literacy

The final theme I want to reflect on from LILAC is the ways in which information literacy (IL) is perceived and understood, not just by librarians but in the wider community. Karen Kaufmann’s talk on factors influencing the relevance of IL to students in higher education was fascinating. Through her doctoral research, Karen has identified […]

Understanding library users to support change

I went to several sessions at LILAC which focused on ways to understand library users. I am very interested in this – my PhD research is going to focus on information behaviour because I really want to better understand the students I work with! So I was keen to see the methods and insights that […]

Social justice: the LILAC keynotes

Social justice was a key theme running throughout the conference. Not least in the three keynotes, which were all excellent! I really enjoyed the way the keynotes were run this year, which was using a flipped model. All delegates were sent videos to watch beforehand, recorded by the keynote speakers, and asked to watch these […]

LILAC 2022: Reflections

*blows dust off blog* Wow, it’s been a while since I last posted here! My last blog was in May 2020, and the last before that was July 2018!  I haven’t blogged regularly for a very long time, for a variety of reasons. I miss it though, and I’d like to start blogging on a […]

Critical Approaches to Libraries Conference, May 2020

Last week, I attended the first ever Critical Approaches to Libraries Conference (CALC). This was meant to have been hosted at Coventry University, however due to lockdown, the event was shifted to be fully online. This was my first ever online conference, and I thought it was brilliant! The organisers (the ever-awesome Michelle Bond and […]

Reflections from LILAC 2018

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Librarians Information Literacy Annual Conference (LILAC) in Liverpool. I usually try and at least start to write up my reflections pretty soon afterwards but as I went to Spain for a week the day after LILAC (impromptu visit to see my partner’s mum), I’ve had to wait […]

LILAC 2017: Reflections and inspiration

LILAC (the Librarians Information Literacy Annual Conference) was a couple of weeks ago now, so I have failed in my initial plan to get some of my ideas/reflections down in blog form immediately after the conference while they were still fresh in my mind… However, having a couple of weeks to reflect has helped me […]

Reflections from LILAC 2016

Last week I was lucky to be able to attend the LILAC conference in Dublin. For those not in the know, LILAC is an annual information literacy conference, run by CILIP’s Information Literacy Group. I was really excited for LILAC, as I’ve been hearing about it from the many librarians I know and follow on […]

Relationship Management in HE Libraries conference: reflections

In November I attended the first Relationship Management in HE Libraries conference, in lovely Stirling, Scotland. It’s been a little while since then, i know – a busy month at work means I haven’t had time to blog about it until now! I tweeted pretty solidly throughout the conference, so if you’re interested in what […]

CILIP 2015: learning points and reflections

Continuing my Epic Month of Conferences, on 2-3 July I headed to Liverpool for the CILIP conference. I was really excited for this one, largely because of the very high quality keynote speakers listed! I was also excited because it’s been a while since I attended a CILIP conference (my last Umbrella was in 2011 […]