Pedagogy for Librarians Day Two: Barriers to learning and learning styles

On Tuesday, we had our first practical teaching sessions. We each had to deliver a “little teach”: a 10-minute session on the topic of our choice. There was a great variety of subjects covered, including how to play the ukulele, care for orchids, say a few phrases in Malay, prune plants, fence, and play some […]

Pedagogy for Librarians Day One: Values and Professional Practice

On the first day of the course, after arriving and going over the various admin bits we needed to cover first thing, we started off the course with a “thinking round”. This is based on Nancy Kline’s work on “the Thinking Environment”, and involved us going round the room and each replying in turn to […]

Pedagogy for Librarians course

Last week (1-5 June) I was lucky enough to attend a week-long residential course at the Northern College, funded by the Information Literacy Group, on Pedagogy for Librarians. I’d wanted to go on it because I am relatively new to teaching – it hadn’t formed much of any of my previous jobs until I started […]

Tackling the Imposter Syndrome

I’ve written previously about my struggles with imposter syndrome: that little voice in your head that tells you that you’re not good enough. That, as one of my favourite classic Simpsons episodes memorably put it, “You don’t belong here. You’re a fraud, and a phoney, and it’s only a matter of time before they find […]

Learning and development: (almost) mid-year update

Looking back on my post in January at my plans for learning and development this year, I’m pleased to say that, although I haven’t kept up the rate of blogging I perhaps ambitiously planned, I am well underway with so many development opportunities I will definitely have a full blog by the end of the […]

An academic library’s experience of National Libraries Day 2015

A few weeks ago in the UK, it was National Libraries Day – an annual celebration of the goodness of libraries. The focus of the Day is largely on public libraries, these being the types of libraries most people engage with, and also arguably those most at risk in the current political and economic climate. […]

Online learning and the digital divide

As part of my professional development at work, I’ve started an 8-week course on the basics of teaching. It’s aimed at postgraduate researchers who may need to take on teaching responsibilities. I asked to go on it as well because, being new to teaching in higher education, I thought I could use a few pointers! […]


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