Getting up to speed on new subjects

This article was first published in CILIP Update, June 2013. It is often said that a librarian is someone who doesn’t necessarily know the answer, but does know where to find it. That’s true up to a point, but for many librarians in subject specialist roles, part of the job is having a pretty good […]

Demonstrating your value: non-traditional jobs for information professionals

This article was first published in CILIP Update, March 2013. We live in the information age, which means that the skills of the information professional should be more in demand than ever. And they are: if you know where and how to look. The scarcity of traditional library jobs means that most of us will […]

I ate’nt dead: resurrecting my blog for 2014

(With apologies to Sir Terry Pratchett for the title) So, it’s been more than nine months since I last updated this blog. I managed a grand total of two blog posts in 2013. Whoops… There are probably several reasons for the precipitous decline in my blogging. My professional writing has taken other outlets in the […]

CILIP article: demonstrating your value

Way back in August 2012, I wrote a letter to CILIP Update in response to what I felt was a very one-sided article they’d published about outsourcing in corporate libraries. They published my letter, and invited me to write my own piece in response. I’m republishing my article here now, as enough time has passed […]

Looking back and looking ahead

Inspired by Suzanne Wheatley’s post on Information Today, I thought I’d use my traditional* end-of-year post to not just set goals for 2013, but to look back on some of my achievements in 2012. This has been an incredibly difficult year for a number of reasons, some public and some not, so it seems like […]

Influencing through networking

At the Ark Group conference, the last presentation of the day was from freelance trainer Nick Davies,  on “Influencing through Networking”. Nick is a very engaging speaker, and very funny, so it was a great way to round off the day! I doubt I’ll have captured any of his humour in my notes, but I […]

Ark Group Conference: Managing Your Law Firm Library

On 29 November, I spoke on a panel at the Ark Group’s Managing Your Law Firm Library conference. As a speaker, I got to attend the whole conference – which turned out a bit odd, as I’d accepted a new job just a day before the conference, which meant I’d be leaving the law library […]


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