Bonnie Hilditch 2016 Award

Just wanted to flag up that the Engineering and SciTech divisions of SLA are now accepting nominations for next year’s Bonnie Hilditch Award. This was the award that enabled me to attend the SLA conference in Boston in June this year.

I would strongly encourage anyone who works in a library role relating to the STEM sectors to apply for this award. Not only is SLA a fantastic conference to attend, the folks in the Engineering and SciTech divisions are also awesome! They were so welcoming, and I learned so much from attending.

When I applied for this award, I had just started my role as Subject Librarian for Engineering at the University of Huddersfield. My aim was to use this award as an opportunity to get to know this new-to-me sector through contacts and networking with the Divisions, as well as through their programming at the conference. Happy to say these goals were well and truly met!

The deadline for applications for the award is 31st December 2015, so there’s a little time, but the sooner you get cracking the better you can make your application!

The last two award winners were both from the European chapter (Niamh Tumelty won the previous year), so it’d be fantastic to see another SLA Europe winner in the mix! Hoping to see some impressive applications from my European colleagues this year.


2 comments on “Bonnie Hilditch 2016 Award

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