New job – and a call for help!

In case you missed my Twitter announcement yesterday – I has a new job! From October, I will be subject librarian (health and engineering) at the University of Huddersfield. I’m really excited for the move – it’s a really interesting job, and Huddersfield Uni just looks like a fantastic place to work. An awesome library, with awesome people – and it’s university of the year, you know! (And no, my decision to work there has nothing at all to do with the faint hope of running into the university’s chancellor. No, not at all. Definitely not. Stop looking at me like that.)

Of course, I will be sad to leave Brake, the charity I’ve worked at for almost two years now. It’s been a fantastic experience working there – I’ve had the chance to get involved in so much I wouldn’t otherwise have had the opportunity to do, and I’ve been proud to be part of a charity that does such important work.

I’ve got quite a long notice period to work, so I won’t be leaving Brake overnight – and it means I’ve got a good amount of time to prepare for my new role! Which brings me, in a rather roundabout way, to the main purpose of this blog post. Health and engineering are both new subjects to me, and I’m also well aware that my information literacy teaching skills are a tad rusty. So, if you’re a health or engineering librarian, teach information literacy in higher education, or if you just have any tips about the wild world of academic libraries, hit me! I’m planning to do lots of reading up over the next two months to prepare, so I’d love your recommendations for any useful resources, books, blog posts, events, people to follow on Twitter… Anything really! Leave a comment below, or tweet me @woodsiegirl – I’ll probably do a blog post later on summing up what’s been useful too.

P.S. In posting this, I’ve noticed it’s the first blog I’ve posted since February. Bad Woodsie! *smacks hand* Where has the year gone… I do have a few ideas I’ve been meaning to get down in blog form, so I’ll aim to revive this blog somewhat in the coming weeks.


3 comments on “New job – and a call for help!

  1. Fantastic news, congratulations! I’m just one year into engineering librarianship and absolutely loving it.

    I joined SLA because they have Engineering and Science-Technology Divisions as well as an Academic Division – best thing I’ve done! They have active and supportive listservs and I even got to go to their conference in Vancouver.

    USTLG is also fantastic for sciences. Much more low-key, peer learning and networking, around 50 people at the event I went to. Again, lovely people there and I’m hoping to make it to their meetings regularly.

    In terms of the subjects, I find undergrad engineers use the library mainly as a space, only really using the resources in 3rd and 4th years. We’re doing a lot with postgraduate information literacy, copyright support for lecturers and Open Access support for researchers.

    It’s clearly essential to do some library visits – let me know if you’d like to visit us in Cambridge!

  2. […] once per month, after the first few months I didn’t manage to post anything at all until my new job announcement in August, and then didn’t blog again for the rest of the […]

  3. […] least once per month, after the first few months I didn’t manage to post anything at all until my new job announcement in August, and then didn’t blog again for the rest of the […]

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