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Open Rights Group

As an information professional, I am both interested in and hugely concerned about digital rights and information rights. That is why for the past few years, I’ve been a member of campaign organisation Open Rights Group (ORG). ORG is a non-profit, campaigning on everything from “e-voting to copyright, open data and privacy”.

We live in the information society. Even if you don’t think about these issues much (although, assuming that most readers of this blog are librarians/information professionals, I rather hope that you do) they do affect us all.

ORG is currently holding a member recruitment drive, to raise money to hire a Legal Officer. So, as I feel slightly guilty for not really doing any active campaigning, I thought I’d do my bit by promoting it here! If you’re interested in joining, you can do so here for around £5 per month (full disclosure: that link gives me the credit for recruiting a new member, and ORG is offering small incentives for that. If you’d rather do it without linking to me, use this link instead).


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