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Library Day in the Life Round 8: Wednesday

This blog post is part of Library Day in the Life. I am writing about my job as a business research librarian for a UK law firm.

I had to travel over to our Manchester office today (I usually work in Leeds), so I started work a little later than usual, arriving at the office just before 9.30. Stopped at a coffee shop on the way in to pick up a latte and a pastry – my payday treat! Once I’d got into the office, said hi to my Manchester colleagues and set myself up on the spare desk, I spent about an hour checking my current awareness sources before heading into the meeting I’d travelled over for.

It was a meeting of the Manchester targeting team – a cross-sector market group with the aim of increasing our presence in the local market by strategically targeting about half a dozen local firms for business. I am the information services liaison for the local markets teams, so I like to attend these meetings to get an idea of what is currently being worked on and where they might need some support. They’ve actually just asked us for quite a bit of research as one of the targets has just appointed a new in-house counsel, so our team want to know as much as they can about the company and their activities in the local market so they can approach her with some offers of how we could help. Discussing action plans for this particular target took up quite a lot of the meeting. The rest of it was spent giving brief updates on how work was progressing with the rest of the targets – they’re all ticking along, and it was nice to hear some of the research I’d previously done for the team being referred to in the meeting!

Headed back to the office and spent the next hour working on the brief company profiles and biogs of attendees at an upcoming event that I’d started on yesterday. I got two of the companies on my list completed, then stopped for lunch.

Afternoon was pretty unspectacular – I spent the whole afternoon working on the in-depth profile for the property target I started on yesterday. By the time I stopped for the day it was running at about 12 pages – and still not finished! Will come back to it tomorrow – I’m hopeful I’ll have it done by the end of the week. Left the office just before 5 and headed to meet the lovely @bethanar for a drink – a bonus of spending the day in Manchester!

Vital statistics:

Cups of tea: 0 – but one coffee!

Emails left in inbox at end of day: 4

Items ticked off to-do list: 3


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