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Library Day in the Life Round 8: Thursday

This blog post is part of Library Day in the Life. I am writing about my job as a business research librarian for a UK law firm.

Worked from home today, as I didn’t have any specific reason to be in the office. I like to do this every so often if I can – it’s good to actually be in the office to speak to me colleagues, but I do find that if I have lots of in-depth work to do, I work better if I’m at home with no interruptions.

This isn’t going to be a hugely interesting post really, as I only worked on a couple of things! Spent my first hour checking various current awareness sources, then worked on the in-depth profile I’m producing for a property target up until lunch. After lunch, I spent about an hour finishing off the basic company profiles and biographies on people attending an upcoming event that we’d been asked to produce, for the benefit of the lawyers from our firm who will be at that event and need to know who to talk to and what about. After I’d done that, I went back to the property target profile. I’d just about finished it by the end of the day – will come back to it tomorrow to proof-read, write an executive summary and send off to the partners who’d requested it.

And that was my day! Strange to look back over it and realise I spent the entire day working on just two projects – very unusual for me. Of course, there were a few random bits of replying to emails and answering quick questions, but nothing really significant. So not a hugely exciting day, but very productive 🙂

Vital statistics:

Cups of tea: Only 1 – ran out of milk! 😦

Emails left in inbox at end of day: 4

Items ticked off to-do list: 4


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