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Library Day in the Life: Round 8

It’s that time again… Time for Library Day in the Life, a week for librarians around the world to talk about what exactly they do all day, through blogging, Twitter, photos, videos, and interpretive dance*. It’s a great way to publicise what we actually do, to anyone with an interest – as I’ve talked about before, librarianship is something of a hidden profession, so it’s good to be able to dispel some myths to people who think we do nothing but stamp books and shush people!

I’ve missed the last couple of rounds for various reasons, so am looking forward to taking part this time. As I have changed jobs since I last took part, and I’m working in a fairly non-typical role, I thought I’d start with an initial post outlining what it is I actually do.

I work for a UK law firm, as part of a fairly large library team (there are 11 of us in total). Before I started, the team was split in two: half the team focuses solely on business research, the other half on legal research. I’m in the business half. My official title is “Information Services Advisor”, but that doesn’t really say much about what I actually do. The people I work with within the firm tend to refer to me as “our business analyst”, which is a bit closer (if a little grander than I am totally comfortable with!).

I have responsibility for providing market knowledge and competitive intelligence to the Property markets team – this is a team of lawyers and business development people from across various practice areas, who focus on increasing our business within the property market, which is a key market for us. I also work with the Local Markets team, which focuses on increasing our presence in our local markets of Leeds and Manchester. The work I do ranges from straightforward current awareness, to responding to basic research requests (i.e. “how many property developers are based in Manchester?”), to producing in-depth reports on clients we are targeting and/or the markets they operate in.

It’s hugely interesting work, and it differs greatly from any other role I’ve worked in before. As this was a new role created when I started, I’ve had a lot of scope to develop my own role within the firm – and this is still ongoing. Hopefully blogging about my week will be interesting – I do often feel like I’m not a “proper” librarian, as I don’t really do a typical librarian’s job! Although, thinking about it, one of the things I like about the Library Day in the Life is how clearly it illustrates that there is really no such thing as a typical librarian…

Looking forward to sharing my week, and to reading about everyone else’s!

*Ok, one of those examples might not actually be true…


One comment on “Library Day in the Life: Round 8

  1. Your new job sounds really interesting, looking forward to hearing more about it! I always wondered what a business analyst actually did.

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