My goals for 2012

Looking back at my last two end-of-year posts, I’m really struggling to muster anything like the same levels of enthusiasm I apparently had then. 2011 has been an incredibly tough year – on a personal level, at least – on the professional side, it’s actually been pretty good. Still, it’s hard to keep the high points in mind when the low points have been so very low.

Still, I am determined that 2012 is going to be the Year of Awesome, because it bloody well has to be. To stop myself from just sliding into pessimism, I thought I’d jot down a few of my goals for the coming year here: goals, mind, not resolutions. It doesn’t matter so much if you don’t meet a goal, but there’s something very crushing about not having kept a resolution!

Aim High

1. Complete CILIP Chartership

I will do it this year. I WILL. Pretty sure I can, too: I’ve got quite a lot done already, it’s just a matter of bringing it all together.

2. Run more networking events Up North

I was really pleased with how well the first LIKE North event went, and I’m keen to get on with organising some more. We’ve got some ideas already, so should have some news on that soon! There may well be another SLA Europe event in the works too, watch this space…

3. Have more fun

2011 was distinctly lacking in fun. 2012 will be better. What I mean by this is really just doing less of the things I feel like I have to do, and doing more of the things I enjoy. That means being selective in what I say yes to, and knowing when to say no – which I have actually managed to do a couple of times lately, so I must be getting better at it!

As much as I love my job, and my other professional activities, I cannot spend all of my free time on it. I’d like to rediscover some neglected hobbies: I really got a lot out of dedicating last November solely to writing, and plan to do much more of that. I’ve set up another blog for writing about writing, and reading, and really anything else that catches my fancy – so there’ll be less of my personal witterings on this blog! I thought it was about time I made this a properly professional blog. I’d also really like to get back into photography – photography was actually my first career, but I rather fell out of love with it after attempting to do it for a living. I’m starting to enjoy it again now, so plan to be out with my camera much more in the coming year.

So, those are my goals. Too high? Too low? Would love to hear what others are planning for the coming year!


9 comments on “My goals for 2012

  1. Sounds like a brilliant set of plans. Looking forward to seeing your photos 😀

  2. Congrats on your goals for 2012. I am in agreement with you that 2012 must be more about fun in my personal time. I think you are on track for the CILIP Chartership. I have considered creating another blog or resurrecting my genealogy blog. Thanks for inspiring me. Happy New Year and onward and upward in 2012.

  3. Your goals are just right for where you are in life right now. I’m sure it will be a very satisfying feeling to achieve your goals and make progress towards new goals for yourself.

    Happy New New Year!

  4. Completing chartership is my goal, too. Are you interested in pairing up to cheerlead each other into gettting it done?

    Happy New Year – really do hope it’s better than the last one for you!


  5. I like the idea of having goals rather than resolutions. Last year, my resolution was to blog every day, so started feeling bad about failing from 3rd January.

    I do hope 2012 is a more fun year for you, and you make more time to do the things you enjoy.

    I get inspiration from our tame life coach at the Business & IP Centre, Rasheed Ogunlaru (http://www.rasaru.com/about/).

    Also you might be interested in the work of a fellow librarian photographer Rachel Piper (http://www.rachelpiper.me.uk/).


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