Want to network in Leeds? Come and join us at LIKE North!

Very, very excited about this!

Ok, so a few of us have been wanting for a while to get some networking events going in the North (initially in Leeds, ’cause that’s where we are, but would be nice to spread out to wider areas too). So, with that in mind, three of us are launching a new networking forum, which we’re calling LIKE North.

The idea is shamelessly ripped off (with their permission, of course!) from those lovely people at the original LIKE in London. We’re holding our first get together on Thursday 8 December at the Victoria in Leeds – nothing fancy, just a networking evening to meet people, gauge interest in the network, and get people’s ideas for what they’d want future LIKE North events to look like.

Here’s our “official” blurb:

LIKE North is the Leeds & Yorkshire Information and Knowledge Exchange. Our aim is to provide networking, social and careers-related events for library and information professionals in the north. Let us know what kind of events you’d like to attend and we’ll see what we can do! Or feel free to help organise an event yourself. Contact Laura Woods (@woodsiegirl), Michelle Bond (@libmichelle) or Laura Williams (@theatregrad) for more info.

Come for some Christmas drinks and networking with LIKE North

Interested in networking with fellow librarians and information professionals in Leeds and Yorkshire? So are we – which is why we’ve set up the Leeds & Yorkshire Information and Knowledge Exchange, or LIKE North. Come and join us at the Victoria Hotel, Great George Street, Leeds, for our first networking event and to find out more about our plans. If you have ideas for what you’d like future events to cover, please bring them along and let us know.

When: Thursday 8 December, 6.30-10pm
Where: Albert Room, Victoria Hotel, 28 Great George Street, Leeds
Cost: Free

LIKE NorthInterested? In or near Leeds – or know anyone who is? We’d love to see you there! You can register for the evening here: http://likenorth.eventbrite.com/ Also, feel free to drop us a line on Twitter – you can follow our shiny new account here: @LIKENorth



2 comments on “Want to network in Leeds? Come and join us at LIKE North!

  1. This is a great idea, but unfortunately heard about tonight’s event too late. But please add me to whatever email notification list you have, and I will make the next one!

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