Thing 21: Promoting yourself

This post is part of 23 Things for Professional Development.

I absolutely love the CPD23 post on this Thing – even if I were not doing CPD23, I’d still want to bookmark that post for future reference when applying for jobs. It’s an excellent summary of all the things to think about when job hunting, applying for jobs, and interviewing. I would strongly advise anyone who hasn’t already read it to do so.

As for the tasks in the Thing: well, I can be a little bit smug and say that I am at least part of the way there! I have one massive, master copy of my CV that has absolutely everything I’ve ever done on it (it’s running at about 4 pages at the moment). When I have applied for jobs in the past, I have created a tailored version of this CV, specific to the job I was applying for. I can honestly say, hand on heart, that I never send the same CV to two different jobs.

I don’t have a CV database of the type described in the post, and while I like the idea, I don’t think it’s for me. I think the combination of my giant uber-CV and my LinkedIn profile do that job for me really.

I do like the process suggested in Part 1 of the post, of how to identify your strengths and interests. This is something I did a bit of when I did my last round of job hunting/application writing, but I didn’t do it quite as systematically as described here. This is certainly something I could do with revisiting: I may set it as a task for the New Year.


2 comments on “Thing 21: Promoting yourself

  1. Thanks Laura for what you say about my post, it’s been a joy to read your comment this morning! And I’m jealous of your massive “CV database” as I have to admit that I haven’t got one yet (it’s sadly true…!). Have a lovely day, MG

  2. […] it looks – it’s in the classic education / jobs / other stuff kind of format. I really liked Laura’s strategy of creating a mega-CV from which to extract relevant information, and I really want to learn how to […]

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