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Thing 19: Catch-up week & integrating the Things

This post is part of 23 Things for Professional Development.

This Thing was initially supposed to be a “catch-up”, to give us all a chance to catch our breath and look back on all the Things that went before it. Well, I got rather behind with my Thing blogging, so am writing this seven weeks after I was meant to, so this “catch-up” Thing may be a little pointless by now! Ah well, I am a completist by nature, so I couldn’t bear to leave a gap in my Thing posts…

The advice for this post is to look back on all the Things so far and consider how we are integrating/could integrate them into our routines. Here goes…

Things 1 & 2: Blogging

Well, the blog is still here! I’m not doing as well on commenting on other people’s blogs as I’d hoped – I did a lot of commenting on other CPD23-ers blogs near the start of the programme, but that has tapered off a bit as I’ve gone on. I have been making an effort to comment on at least one blog post a week, and have been mostly succeeding. My main problem is that I do most of my blog reading on my phone, on the train, where it is usually tricky to leave a comment. Poor excuse I know, but there we go.

Thing 3: Personal Brand

Haven’t done that much with this one really. My blog still has the same theme I set it up with many moons ago, and to be honest I can’t really be bothered with changing it. I love the idea of having a coherent visual identity, but I doubt I’ll get around to doing something about that unless forced to – my innate laziness will always win out!

Thing 4: Current Awareness

Nothing really changed on this one since before the 23 Things programme – I’m still a heavy user of both Twitter and Google Reader, and I still don’t see the point of Pushnote. None of this Thing was new to me really, but I did appreciate the opportunity to articulate my thoughts around current awareness.

Thing 5: Reflective Practice

This was a very important Thing for me – I’m terrible at reflective practice, so appreciated the kick to work out what it was and how I’d go about it. Much of this has been solidified by the CILIP reflective writing course I went on recently. Looking at the action points I wrote in this post, I haven’t been great at keeping them up – I’ve been adding action points to blog posts when I’ve remembered, but could have done this more. I haven’t managed to write up any of the events I’ve attended since then within the 3 day deadline I set myself, and I haven’t started doing “quarterly reviews” of the blog yet. Bad Woodsie, must try harder!

Thing 6: Online Networks

As with Thing 4, nothing much has changed here. I already used a few online networks, and I’m still mostly using the same ones. I think I’m getting as much out of my current usage as I need to.

Thing 7: Face-to-face networking

Not much has changed here – although I do have an Exciting Announcement to make regarding networking in Leeds shortly, so I’ll say no more here… *enigmatic smile*

Thing 8: Google Calendar

Once again, nothing to add here – I already relied on Google Calendar before starting CPD23, and still use it in much the same way.

Thing 9: Evernote

Now, this one really was a revelation! Looking back at the post I wrote for this Thing, I sound distinctly underwhelmed – I hadn’t quite worked out what I would use Evernote for yet. Having had it up and running for a few months now, I’m finding it enormously helpful. I’ve moved all of my saved recipes from my Delicious bookmarks, Google Reader starred items, Google docs, and anywhere else around the web I had them, and they are all now in one place – Evernote. I’ve also been using it to record books I might want to read, useful articles and course notes for Chartership, and ideas for the award-winning (ha!) novel I am about to write for NaNoWriMo. I haven’t really used it for anything work-related, but for personal organisation I think it’s ace.

Things 10-18

No change, nothing to add – in some cases because they were concepts/tools that were already familiar to me, and in some cases because I’ve written the posts too recently to be able to reflect on them!

So, that brings us up to date! This has been quite a useful exercise actually – I wrote some of these blog posts so long ago, I’d forgotten what they were actually about… Always good to have a chance to go back over previous ideas and see what’s changed. That was the idea behind the quarterly blog reviews mentioned under Thing 5 actually – must get those started soon!


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