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Thing 18: Screencasts and podcasts

This post is part of 23 Things for Professional Development.

For this Thing, we were asked to explore screencasting and podcasting. This may be cheating slightly, but I’m going to skip the podcasting bit: I don’t see any particular need for making podcasts in my current job (although I can see how they’d be a nice tool for, say, academic libraries to connect with students) and I don’t often listen to podcasts myself either. I subscribe to a few Radio 4 podcasts for listening to in the gym, but they’re mainly for distraction (anything to make the gym less dull!). I don’t take in information very well just by listening, I have to make notes at the same time if I’m going to retain any of it (which rather defeats the benefits of listening to a podcast on the go!), so I don’t find podcasts very useful for professional development topics. I’d rather read something than listen to it.

So, on with screencasting. Jing is the software recommended for making screencasts, and having had a little play with it at home I’m rather impressed. Sadly I can’t download it to try out at work, but I think it could be really useful for training and troubleshooting. Short screencasts explaining how to do common tasks could be a really useful addition to our intranet pages. I’m going to check whether we already have some kind of software that does this (it’s entirely possible that our learning & development team does – I know they’ve put together training videos and so on) and if we don’t, will recommend we give Jing a try.


One comment on “Thing 18: Screencasts and podcasts

  1. I just posted my Thing 18 too 🙂 I tried Screencast-o-matic because you don’t need to download it, I don’t know how similar it is to Jing but seems like a nifty little tool for how to… type stuff. And a lot more fun than writing bullet points!

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