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Some observations on #libcampuk11

I’m on a train on the way home from Library Camp, and before I slip into a cake-induced coma I thought I’d jot down a few initial impressions. Will be writing a proper reflective post soon, but here’s my first thoughts:

1. Library Camp was about more than just librarians
I was really struck by how many people started their sentences with “I’m not a librarian, but…”. Having a mix of librarians, shambrarians and assorted non-librarians with library or information-related jobs or interests made for some really interesting discussions, with a broader range or experiences than is often the case.

2. Going to an event totally unrelated to your day job, in your spare time and with no funding etc from your employer is oddly liberating
I actually really enjoyed the fact that 90% of what I talked to people about at Library Camp had absolutely nothing to do with my day job as a law librarian. I didn’t feel like I had to come back with some concrete ideas and plans to feed back to work, so I was able to just go along to sessions that looked interesting without worrying if they’d be useful. This means that I got to hear some ideas and discussions that is never have come across otherwise.

3. Librarians (etc) are a fabulous bunch of people
Of course, I knew this already, but a reminder is always good. The ideas! The plans! The laughs! The knitting! The cakes! Seriously, anyone who doubts that a gathering of librarians could be fun should have been there yesterday šŸ™‚

4. If you’re planning a cake-feast, remember it’s a marathon, not a sprint
There was a lot of cake at Library Camp. A lot. I made the schoolboy error of stuffing ny face with some quite dense cakes in the morning, so by lunchtime I just couldn’t face any more, so really only got to sample a tiny amount of the goodness on offer. Lesson learned: next time, pace yourself Woodsie!


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