What I Did On My Holidays


Photo courtesy of Constance Wiebrands on Flickr

…or at least, what I’ve been up to in the near 8 week break since I last blogged here! Was genuinely shocked today to see that the last time I posted was before Christmas, I didn’t think it had been anywhere near that long. How time flies…

The main reason for my lengthy silence is that I’ve been busy moving house and starting a new job. In January I said goodbye to London, and to my old job at Davies Arnold Cooper, and moved up to West Yorkshire. Last week I started a new job in Leeds, with law firm Addleshaw Goddard.

The move went pretty well, nothing broken or lost in the process! I love my new flat – which is twice the size of our old London flat, but two thirds the price. Gotta love living outside of London! We’ve been busy unpacking, organising and making several trips to IKEA over the past couple of weeks so it now resembles a place where people actually live, rather than an explosion in a cardboard box factory. I’m enjoying the new area too, although I haven’t been out exploring as much as I’d like. Leeds looks like a really fun city, and the area I’m living in is very pretty. I think the only thing I’m really missing about London (apart from the people, of course) is, believe it or not, the public transport. It’s taking me a bit of time to get used to having to get the bus stop/train station for a specific time, rather than just turning up and hopping on the first bus/train that comes along. I also really, really miss my Oyster card! Don’t think I’d realised just how much easier Oyster cards make everything until I had to get around without one. Ah well, will get used to it I’m sure!

In between moving house and starting a new job, I also managed to get down to my new local library for Save Libraries Day on the 5th February. There was nothing in particular going on at my library – it was very busy, but as I’d never been there before I don’t know if it was busier than usual – but I went down anyway to demonstrate my support. Also, because joining the library is always one of the first things on my to-do list when moving to a new place! Spent a very happy hour there registering, using the internet (connection hadn’t been set up for my new flat yet, needed my internets fix!), and picking out some books to take out. I’m not going to say much more about Save Libraries Day, as so many others have written about it far more extensively and eloquently than I could, but I was proud to contribute in some small way to the day.

In other bookish news, I’ve been selected to be a giver on World Book Night on the 5th March. Dead excited about this! I’ll be giving out 48 copies of Margaret Atwood’s The Blind Assassin – one of my all time favourite books – probably at my local hospital. Am very excited about this, and chuffed to bits to have been selected as a giver. I’ve always been an avid reader, and while I know not everyone enjoys reading for pleasure, I am strongly of the opinion that people who think they don’t like reading just haven’t found the right books yet. That might seem like a slightly patronising attitude, but I’ve seen so many friends and family who were convinced that they hated reading, largely due to bad experiences in English lessons at school, who absolutely devoured books once they found a writer or genre that spoke to them. I’m fully aware that Margaret Atwood’s oeuvre may not be this catalyst for many people, but anything that gives people a chance to discover books and writers that they may never otherwise stumble across has got to be a good thing.

Once all of that moving, library and book related excitement passed, last Monday it was finally time to start my new job. Having had almost three weeks off work, getting up early and putting on proper grown-up clothes was a bit of a shock to the system at first! Think I’m getting used to it again now. My first day was entirely taken up with inductions and IT training. The morning “Introduction to Addleshaw Goddard” presentation was actually surprisingly interesting: I was expecting two hours of tedious corporate-speak, but it was all quite relevant and to the point. Quite a lot of emphasis was put on the firm’s strategy and values statement, which seems to be taken very seriously. I may blog about this separately actually: there were a few points that, as an information professional, I found particularly interesting.

The rest of the week was spent getting to know the Information Services department, training on various databases that I hadn’t used before, and trying my hand at some of the services provided (e.g. current awareness). It’ll be a few weeks before I get settled in and started on my new role properly I think, so I’ll probably wait and blog about it in greater detail later on. I’m really enjoying it so far though – the role looks like it’s going to be really interesting, all my co-workers are absolutely lovely, and best of all the staff canteen does a mean fish finger sandwich 🙂


2 comments on “What I Did On My Holidays

  1. I’ve been out of London for nearly five years now and I *still* can’t get the idea of a bus timetable. It doesn’t help that it seems almost always quicker to walk at home than it does get the bus. A 10min wait or a 10min walk?
    Glad all is going OK in the North. Hurrah for fish finger sandwiches.

    • Yes, I get impatient just standing around, would rather just walk really! On the other hand, it’s usually no more than 10 mins wait but at least a half hour walk. Plus, this being the North, it is of course uphill both ways…

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