Personal matters: update

Thought I’d post a brief update for anyone who read this post back in August. Feel free to ignore if you don’t know what I’m on about!

Mum’s about halfway through the chemotherapy she’s got to have. That’s going about as well as chemo usually does, but I think she’s coping ok. In my last post I mentioned that the chemo was with the aim of shrinking the tumour and eventually removing it. Unfortunately that is no longer the case: the cancer is to advanced for them to operate, so they won’t remove it. They’re now hoping that it’ll go into remission, and they can just keep an eye on her from there.

Had some news today that seems to indicate that this plan is working: she had a scan on Monday which showed the tumour significantly reduced in size. She also had blood tests to see if any of her other organs have been affected: those also showed good results, with liver and kidney functions both normal (apparently those are the most likely organs to be affected if the cancer spreads). The doctor said this was the best news they could have hoped for, and I know Mum sounded relieved! I know there’s still a long way to go, and they won’t ever actually get rid of the cancer, but this is a really positive sign.

My boyfriend’s nephew is also doing pretty well. He came out of hospital a few weeks ago and is at home with his mum. He’ll be wheelchair bound for the foreseeable future, but he will walk again. Mentally and emotionally I think they’re both coping – the hospital sorted out bereavement counsellors for them both to talk to.

So all in all, a better situation than the last time I blogged about it. Oh, and in other news, my mum and dad bought a canal boat. Like you do! It’s something my mum particularly has always wanted – our whole family has always been keen on canal boating, we’ve rented a boat for a week nearly every Easter since I was about 12. It’s brilliant fun, and really relaxing – and it gives Mum something to focus on, and something to get her out of the house. They bought it from someone near Coventry and need to move it to Bradford-on-Avon by mid-November, so they’ve been spending weekends on it, travelling down the waterways. Sounds pretty idyllic! I haven’t been on it yet but I’ve seen photos – it’s lovely. Will post pics when I have them đŸ™‚


4 comments on “Personal matters: update

  1. Very glad your mum’s doing well, canal boating sounds like a great way to relax and recoop!

  2. Glad to hear about how your mum is doing. And on the purchase of the canal boat! Our family started out on canal boat holidays every Easter back in the early 1990s and then about 7 years ago, my dad purchased one! So in the same boat, as it were (no pun intended)! They got theirs painted into more traditional colours just this year or last, and changed the name from the rather bad name it had when they initially go it. What’s the name of your boat?

    • The boat’s called “Uncle Albert”. Bit of an odd one – think my Dad gets some odd looks in the pub when he announces that he’s spending the weekend “on Uncle Albert” – but I don’t think they plan on changing it. Apparently it’s bad luck to change a boat’s name! What was the bad name of your parents’ boat?

  3. […] may know that my mum was diagnosed with cancer last summer (I’ve mentioned it before here and here). I’m sorry to say that just over a week ago, in the early hours of Sunday 17 April, Mum […]

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