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I’ve been debating with myself whether or not I should post something here about this or not. I usually try to keep this blog to professional matters only, but some stuff in my personal life lately has been affecting my professional life, so I thought I’d post a brief explanation of what’s going on with me right now. Apologies if all this is too much information – feel free to skip this post!

In mid-July this year, two things happened in very close succession that really knocked me for six. First, my Mum was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. About a week later, my partner’s brother-in-law and nephew were in a motorbike accident: his brother-in-law was killed; his nephew survived but with not many bones left unbroken. At the same time, I got several pieces of news from other close friends and family members, most of which did not affect me as immediately as the above but all of which made me feel like there was a never-ending deluge of terrible things happening to lovely people out there.

The last six weeks have been a very difficult time. I’m coping ok now, as is my partner, but for a while I really felt like I was barely keeping my head above water. Part of the reason I wanted to post this here was as a sort of explanation: I know that my work, my commitments outside of work and my social life have all suffered recently, so I hope this post might go some way to explaining why.

I’m not going to go into a huge amount of detail as to everything that’s happened over the last month and a half. For anyone who’s interested: my partner’s nephew is recovering ok, they let him out of hospital a few days ago and he’s back living with his mum. He’ll be pretty immobile for a long time, but he didn’t have any cranial or spinal injuries so he will walk again eventually. The doctors say he’s recovering well – his age (19) and fitness levels are really on his side here. His mum – my partner’s sister – isn’t too great right now: she’s obviously relieved that her son is ok, but she is also dealing with losing her partner. We’ve been trying to support her through this as much as we can.

Mum started chemotherapy today, with the aim of shrinking the tumour so they can eventually remove it. There’s a chance that after the chemo they still might not be able to remove the tumour, in which case they’ll just need to try to manage it and keep her comfortable, but we’re waiting on more test results to find out how much of a chance that is so I’m trying not to worry about it for the moment.

I’m feeling more positive today than I have for a long time. This is probably a lot to do with my sister’s wedding this weekend just gone – I spent all week at home with my family, talked a lot about everything, and we all had an amazing time on Saturday. I’m really glad we got to have that time all together as a family (which doesn’t happen that often – we’re all scattered across the country), just to be happy and be together. I know the coming months are going to be very difficult for all of us, but I also know that we can hang on to good times like this weekend to get us through the bad.

So, that’s me right now. I also want to say thank you to those friends – online and offline – who’d already heard some or all of this from me, and have been just so lovely about it. I can’t say how much that support has meant.


9 comments on “Personal matters

  1. I’m sorry that you’ve been going through difficult times, but glad that things seem to be getting onto a bit of an even keel for a while. It’s a hard call to decide what to write about in a blog isn’t it! Some people never write about personal stuff, while others do. Personally, I think you’ve hit the balance about right – if people don’t see you doing the stuff that you normally do they’ll wonder what’s happening, so it’s good to let them know. Equally, if you treat your readers as friends – which you are doing – I think it leads to a better, richer and ultimately more satisfying relationship. Of course, by highlighting the content of the posting, as you’ve done here, people who aren’t interested can always skip it. Best of luck and good wishes!

  2. I wouldn’t have said this was inappropriate at all, a professional is a person (we still get work life balance, right?) and it’s not as though this is a corporate blog. Fingers crossed things get better from here on *professional-style hugs*

  3. Its good to hear that you’re feeling more positive – its so hard balancing everything especially in the face of loss and adversity. I hope Mum’s chemo goes well and she isn’t too sick with it. Will be thinking of you. Take care

  4. Really sorry to hear about everything you have been going through. The personal and professional inevitably cross in the ‘real’ world so it makes sense it should in the ‘virtual’ as well. Wishing you all the best and hope things get better soon…

  5. Laura,

    I just finished reading your piece on networking in Information Outlook and thought I would check out your blog.

    So sorry to read about all of the terrible things that have recently happened to your loved ones! I agree with everyone that the personal and the professional are hard to keep completely separate. And for your regular readers, I am sure they are glad you have shared the news.

    I am going to browse through your blog posts, I appreciate the opportunity to get a new librarian’s POV on current issues. The UK perspective is especially interesting.

    Best wishes for your extended family’s recovery. Hang in there, life is good.


    • Thanks Michael – but sorry I didn’t have anything more “professional” on here! I should get back to regular blogging really, just been a bit short on time lately.

      Hope you find the rest of my blog interesting – there’s not much personal stuff on here, promise!

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