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Library Day in the Life Round 5: Thursday

I am taking part in the Library Day in the Life this week. I am currently working as an information assistant at a London law firm. As I’ve taken part in the project twice before, I’ve decided that rather than write a full account of each day (which gets rather repetitive), I’m going to pick out highlights, low points and interesting things from each day. I’m also tweeting my day in the life at @woodsiegirl.

Spent most of the morning on current awareness alerts as usual, but no enquiry shift in the afternoon so managed to get a few more things ticked off my to-do list 🙂

Good things:

  • Generally good, busy, productive day. A lot of the time I’ll finish work feeling like I’ve just spent the day running to catch up (particularly if I’ve been on a busy enquiry shift), so it’s a nice feeling when I’ve actually got things done.
  • Finally got the article I’ve been writing for Information Outlook sent off to the editor. Apparently he’ll be back in touch next week with any suggested changes.
  • This, from Unshelved, made my day. I have this exchange with our lawyers so often!

Unshelved comic

Interesting thing:

  • Poking around the new government legislation site, which is replacing OPSI and the Statute Law Database. Looks quite easy to use so far, and it makes sense to merge the two old sites really, although I’d be wary of using it because it’s still not up to date (new legislation is published on there quickly enough, but amendments to existing legislation has only been added up to 2002).

Dull thing:

  • Reviewing intranet pages for out-of-date or inaccurate information, broken links, etc. I know this is a necessary job, but it is unbelievably tedious – particularly given our terrible, terrible intranet. It’s horrible to edit, roughly every third link clicked causes my browser to crash unless I first navigate away from the page I’m on, then back again, then click the link. Ridiculous.

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