Library Day in the Life Round 5: Friday

I am taking part in the Library Day in the Life this week. I am currently working as an information assistant at a London law firm. As I’ve taken part in the project twice before, I’ve decided that rather than write a full account of each day (which gets rather repetitive), I’m going to pick out highlights, low points and interesting things from each day. I’m also tweeting my day in the life at @woodsiegirl.

Finally Friday! Been quite a long week – had its good points, but all in all I am ready for the weekend!

Good things:

  • Ran a one-to-one training session with one of the partners on using Lexis and Westlaw for case searches and legislation. Also gave him a quick overview of using Atkins Court Forms on Lexis. I’d been really nervous about this – I had never trained anyone before, so it was more than a little nerve-racking having to train a partner, but I think it went well.
  • Another of our lawyers – one of the nice ones, he comes along to the pub quiz with us quite often – brought us in some courgettes he’d grown. Slightly surreal moment, a lawyer just wandering into the library, distributing courgettes, but very nice of him! Think I’m going to make some kind of veggie risotto 🙂

Thing that I thought might be interesting but was actually crushingly dull:

  • Went along to the annual staff briefing at lunchtime – this is where we are told about how well/badly the firm is doing, priorities for next year, etc. I wasn’t expecting it to be massively entertaining, but was hoping it might give me a better idea of the business I’m supposed to be helping support, so I thought it might be at least mildly interesting. Silly of me really – of course, it was unbelievably dull. Didn’t really learn anything I hadn’t already heard about. There were some very good sandwiches provided though, so not a total waste!

So, that was my week in the life. I think I like the approach of tweeting my day, then posting a short “round-up” here, rather than long, detailed descriptions of my work – but possibly because it’s easier and I’m a bit lazy! I have enjoyed reading the longer blog posts that people have written.

It could just be that I’m following more people now than I was for the last couple of Library Day in the Life rounds, but it seems like there was much more on Twitter this time than there has been previously. I think that’s a good thing – Library Day in the Life is really well suited to something like Twitter. It’s been fascinating to watch how other people’s days have panned out in real time. Looking forward to the next round!


2 comments on “Library Day in the Life Round 5: Friday

  1. I’m glad that I’ve had more people on Twitter for this round also. A bit too busy at the moment to read even a small selection of blog posts about #libday5 so Twitter has offered a more managable bite-sized way to engage with the event.

  2. I was thinking about distributing courgettes myself: there are a lot of them about. Liked your good, bad, ugly type classifications of each day’s highlights.

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