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Library Day in the Life Round 5: Wednesday

I am taking part in the Library Day in the Life this week. I am currently working as an information assistant at a London law firm. As I’ve taken part in the project twice before, I’ve decided that rather than write a full account of each day (which gets rather repetitive), I’m going to pick out highlights, low points and interesting things from each day. I’m also tweeting my day in the life at @woodsiegirl.

Wednesday! All downhill from here 🙂

Good things:

  • Got to go over to my firm’s other London office today, which despite having worked here for a year I’d never seen! Good to put some faces to names, and got a nice walk across London in the sunshine too 🙂
  • Got an email this afternoon from one of the secretaries – she’s just started a two-year law course, and wondered if we had any resources she could make use of. She’d never set foot in the library before, and didn’t know about any of the textbooks or databases we had, or even the library catalogue. She seemed really impressed, and happy to have so many resources she could use – I think she went away with a good idea of how we could help her out. It was nice to see her so enthusiastic – we don’t usually get that level of enthusiasm from the fee earners!

Bad thing:

  • Yet another bad night’s sleep, so overslept yet again. This is becoming an annoying pattern. Think I need a break 😦

Interesting thing:

  • Going to a marketing and social media seminar after work – we’re hosting it here, it starts in about 20 minutes. Should be interesting – according to the attendees list I was sent, it’s just me, my boss, and a load of marketing people from various firms. Will blog it later.

CPD things:

  • Me and thewikiman submitted our proposal for a chapter on the echo chamber problem, as I mentioned in yesterday’s post. Fingers crossed!
  • Finished the article I’ve been writing all week! Going to come back to it tomorrow to give it a read through, change anything that doesn’t make sense and proof-read it, then will send it off. Think it should be published in September, will post a link when I can.

One comment on “Library Day in the Life Round 5: Wednesday

  1. Hi,

    I’ve been enjoying your #libday5 posts. May I use you as a case study for a pitch about #libday5 that @ekcragg and I are putting together for Radio4 and The Guardian in an effort to escape the #echolib? Please let me know! I’m @girlinthe or maedchenimmond at gmail.

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