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Library Day in the Life Round 5: Monday

I am taking part in the Library Day in the Life this week. I am currently working as an information assistant at a London law firm. As I’ve taken part in the project twice before, I’ve decided that rather than write a full account of each day (which gets rather repetitive), I’m going to pick out highlights, low points and interesting things from each day. I’m also tweeting my day in the life at @woodsiegirl.

So, Monday. Never my favourite day, and today wasn’t exactly great. Not too bad though, and hopefully the week will get better as it goes along!

Good things:

  • Got asked to help create an email template for the PSL in the Madrid office to use for a Spanish current awareness bulletin, following the work I did last year on our current awareness template
  • Finally managed to make a start on the article I’m writing for Information Outlook. Should have it done by tomorrow – and a good thing too, as the deadline is Friday!

Bad things:

  • The morning generally (before I got to work). Overslept, discovered that the milk had gone bad and the bread was mouldy, so I couldn’t have breakfast, and I only had one clean work top left and it needed ironing. I hate ironing. Wasn’t in a great mood anyway – didn’t have the best weekend.
  • Was really proud of myself when a fee earner asked for a superseded JCT construction contract, which are usually really hard to find, and we actually had it and I found it straight away – only to then realise that what I’d sent him was actually commentary on the contract, not the contract itself. Felt really stupid for that.

Interesting things:

  • Had an enquiry about the government proposals to scrap all Primary Care Trusts by 2013, so I went poking around the Department of Health website and various medical journals and blogs to find any comment on it. Not an area I look at very often – we don’t have anything to do with healthcare, I think our people are interested in it from an employment law perspective – so I felt like I learned a lot from doing this enquiry. Always a nice feeling!

CPD things:

  • Writing the above-mentioned Information Outlook article (which I am dead excited about!)
  • Added some interesting tweets to the Echo Chamber Prezi from last week’s presentation
  • Emailed someone who’s offered to help us out with the design for SLA Europe‘s new website – it’s coming along really well, we should be able to launch it pretty soon 🙂

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