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CILIP Yorkshire & Humberside members day 2010

On the train on the way home from the members day now, so thought I’d jot some thoughts down while it’s all still fresh in my mind. I’m posting this via email from my phone, which I’ve never tried doing before, so apologies if the formatting/spelling is a bit off!

I’m really glad I got the chance to go along today, despite being a southener! The main reason I had for attending was for mine and thewikiman’s "escaping the echo chamber" presentation, which went amazingly well. We got a really good reaction from it, both from those there in person and from people who’d seen our presentation online and followed our tweets (which, thanks to a BST/GMT fail, all posted an hour early! Ah well). Everyone had some really good comments and suggestions at the end too, which Ned added to the Prezi. The plan is for the Prezi to become a live archive of the ideas generated by this presentation, that we’ll update each time we do the talk and any time a new idea comes up.

On a personal level, presenting today was so much easier and more enjoyable than at the New Professionals Conference. Not that I didn’t enjoy NPC, but I was so nervous that it was difficult to enjoy the morning! I don’t know whether it was down to it being the second presentation I’d ever done, so I had the positive experience of NPC to draw on, or the fact that I was presenting with someone else, who is a very confident speaker, or a combination of both. Either way, I was far more relaxed about today than I was about NPC.

The other speakers I saw today were all fantastic. I was a couple of minutes late for Biddy Fisher’s opening keynote (sorry Biddy!), but from the point I saw it from it was all golden. I also really enjoyed Maria Cotera’s networking workshop – Maria had some great tips, and her enthusiasm is infectious! Maria also led a fantastic discussion in the afternoon about the challenges facing libraries.

I will probably blog again in more detail about the other sessions tomorrow, as I’ve got more I want to say, but follow I’ll just leave it as this: I’ve had a fantastic, inspiring, knackering day, and I’m so grateful to have had the chance to meet, network and share ideas with so many wonderful people today. Information professionals of Yorkshire and Humberside (and a few fellow outsiders!), you guys rule!


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