Taking Charge of your Continuing Professional Development

I am delivering my paper on “Taking Charge of Your CPD” at the New Professionals Conference today. I’ll be blogging more about the whole experience once it’s all over, but in the meantime you can see my presentation below:

In case you’re looking at this at work and Slideshare is blocked (it is on my work computer – no idea why!) I’ve also uploaded the PPT file below. I will make a PDF of my full paper available at some point, but it needs a bit of final editing first!

Taking Charge of your CPD (ppt, 8.6 MB)

I’m actually writing this on the Saturday evening before the conference, so right now I’m just hoping for no major disasters on the day! Massively nervous about actually delivering this talk – it’s the first presentation I’ve ever done, apart from one group presentation at library school, and I’m not exactly a confident public speaker. I’m pretty sure I know my material well enough to carry it off though, and despite the nerves I am looking forward to the day. So, wish me luck – and I’ll be back with a full report once I’m safely on the other side!


6 comments on “Taking Charge of your Continuing Professional Development

  1. That looks ace, wish I’d been able to see it. Slides look LOVELY… 🙂

  2. Was a great presentation! Wouldn’t have realised you hadn’t presented much before unless I had just read this blog post.

  3. […] it was, I really enjoyed doing my talk. I feel like I’ve learned a lot from it – as I mentioned, I’d never presented anything like this before, so certainly a good learning opportunity for […]

  4. Your slides look great. Having an art background definitely works to your advantage here :).

  5. […] I think it is worth taking a punt and spending money on career development. I didn’t get to see Woodsiegirl’s talk at the New Professionals Conference, but I understand she said something along similar […]

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