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BIALL 2010: Amanda McKenzie – “The Legal Services Act: What it means for legal and information professionals”

The final talk from BIALL I want to write about was Amanda McKenzie’s tremendously detailed talk on the Legal Services Act 2010. The Legal Services act is one of those things that I know is incredibly important, but I’ve never really been able to get my head around, so it was useful to have such a comprehensive summary.

I didn’t actually take many notes in this session, mainly because there was so much detail crammed in that I couldn’t write fast enough! Amanda said she was going to send her slides to someone at BIALL to be uploaded to the website, which would be useful as they were very text-heavy, but I haven’t seen any sign of them yet. If and when they do show up online I’ll post a link to them here. Apparently the presentation is also going to be written up for Legal Information Management, if you have access..

I did manage to jot down a few points when she got on to the impact of the Act on legal information professionals:

  • Outsourcing – whether you see it as a threat or opportunity, it is a reality. Note that the organisations that thrive are those that value and invest in their staff!
  • Possible opportunities for information professionals as consultants. E.g. if “Tesco law” becomes a reality then smaller, non-legal organisations will need support.
  • Possible increased involvement at partnership/board level
  • Risk management and compliance – need to keep up to speed on regulatory issues

Useful stuff – probably a bit too much material to try to cram into a 40 minute presentation, but I appreciate that there was a lot to cover so I though Amanda did very well at getting the information across.

So that’s it for me from BIALL – there were a few other presentations I attended, but rather than bore you all to tears with all of my notes I thought I’d just focus on what I thought were the most interesting presentations. Some very useful topics were covered, and there were definitely some ideas raised that I’ll be making use of at work. I thoroughly enjoyed the conference, and I’m looking forward to Gateshead in 2011!


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