Shameless self promotion

Couple of things: firstly, the article I wrote about Tweeting at conferences etc following this incident is in the current CILIP Gazette. Through the miracle of modern technology, you can see the article here!

Secondly, the CILIP Yorkshire and Humberside Members Day, which was unfortunately cancelled several months ago, has been rescheduled. So the presentation that thewikiman and I had planned on escaping the echo chamber is going ahead after all! Details on thewikiman’s site.

That’s it for now – will stop talking about myself! Normal, self-deprecating service will resume shortly 🙂


3 comments on “Shameless self promotion

  1. I spotted your article in the Gazette this morning – well done on getting an important issue across. 🙂

  2. Congratulations Laura on getting into the Gazette, and for bringing these issues to the fore – after all, aren’t we the new professionals of information management??!!

    Shameless self promotion – I was in the Gazette last issue, and am named in the article about Pebblepad!

  3. […] Woodsiegirl and I will be discussing these issues and MANY MORE as part of our echo-chamber presentation in […]

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