Various announcements

There’s been a couple of exciting developments in WoodsieWorld since I last blogged! First, the talk I’m doing with @thewikiman at the CILIP Career Development Group / Yorkshire and Humberside branch member’s day has been officially announced. There are details on the CILIP website, and on thewikiman’s own site. Sadly, the event is only open to members of the Yorkshire and Humberside branch (I’m somehow sneaking in to present despite being a soft Southerner!), but if you are a member of Y&H and are planing on coming along, then I’m looking forward to meeting you! I’m having a great time putting the presentation together with thewikiman, we’ve turned up some really interesting stuff 🙂 Should be a great day – there’s lots of other interesting talks going on that I’m looking forward to hearing.

Second, I’m dead excited (also petrified, but I’m sure that’ll pass!) to announce that my proposal for the CILIP CDG New Professional’s Conference has been accepted! So, come July I’ll be the bag of nerves talking to a room full of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed New Professionals about CPD on a budget. I am really looking forward to it – thoroughly enjoyed the conference last year, so I’m glad I’m able to contribute something this year – just a bit inexperienced at public speaking! It’ll be a good learning experience for me though, and I hope it’ll be of use to the conference delegates. My pal @bethanar has also had her proposal accepted, and is scheduled to do her talk right after me – which is ace, ’cause I’m sure I’ll be too nervous to take in much of what any of the presenters before me are talking about, and I know Beth will have lots of interesting things to say!

Finally, I’ve just joined the SLA Europe Board. I’ve been on the web committee for a little while (which is really exciting in itself – we’re totally rebuilding our basically functional but incredibly dated website, great project to be involved in) but I wanted to hold off joining the proper board until after my MSc was out the way and I had enough time to commit to it. Very much looking forward to getting more involved with SLA Europe in this way – there’s a lot of very interesting, talented people on the board who I’m really excited to be working with.

So all that “free time” I wasn’t sure what to do with after I handed in my dissertation? Very pleased to say that it is rapidly disappearing 🙂


5 comments on “Various announcements

  1. #npc2010 should be excellent – really looking forward to your talk.
    Are you going to the SLA twitter thing next week? If so, it’ll be good to meet you there.
    Also, max resepect on chatting to @bengoldacre like he was some kind of normal person. I’d certainly work for him for pennies.

    • Yeah, I’ll be at the SLA thing – be good to meet you!

      That’s what I love about Twitter – you can talk to anyone. They don’t have to talk back, mind… Actually, Ben Goldacre commented on a blog post I wrote a while back. He was a bit rude to me though, went down in my opinion slightly!

      • Crikey, just went back through your blog and found that exchange – if the shocked-face-smiley worked I’d use it now!

        Congrats on talking to Chris Rhodes yesterday as if HE was a normal person – I’d do anything for him, paid or otherwise. 🙂

  2. ah, I’m late as always… can I just say that, while I’m delighted your paper was accepted, I’m not so pleased to be presenting right after you! you’re gonna be a bloomin hard act to follow 😉

    Also, I’m considering moving to Yorkshire to get in on the echolib presentation! will you be sharing slides etc afterwards?

    • Aw, thanks! Hope my talk is ok – very very nervous about it!

      Ned and I are putting together our presentation on Prezi, which I plan to share on here – pretty sure Ned will do the same. Sadly will probably lose some of the context as the prezi is pretty image-heavy so far and text-light so far… Have toyed with the idea of trying to record an audio track to go with it but really don’t think I’ll have time!

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