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Post-holiday catch-up

So, I got back from Egypt almost a week ago (which was fab! Some pics on Flickr, if anyone’s interested) and I’ve had a St Catherine's Monastery and camellot of catching up to do! Came back to over 100 emails (in my personal inbox) and over 600 new items in Google Reader. Have cleared my inbox now but am still working on the RSS feeds! I am pathologically incapable of using the “mark all as read” button – terrified of missing something important/interesting/amusing, so it’s slow going. Have been forced to use it on a couple of particularly high-volume feeds though, otherwise I’d never get through everything! Am down to about 150 now πŸ™‚

My work inbox was fairly horrifying too – although I’d unsubscribed from most of my mailing lists before I went away, so it wasn’t as full as it could have been – but I managed to get that cleared by mid-Wednesday. I really don’t feel like I’ve accomplished much work-wise this week, since I’ve spent most of my time just catching up! Ah well, pretty much all sorted now so next week should be more productive.

I’ve come back to a few interesting projects/opportunities too, which pretty much answers this question! As well as submitting a proposal for the New Professionals Conference, I’ve also agreed to co-present a seminar alongside thewikiman on marketing the library profession. We’re hoping to tie in some of the #echolib discussions from a couple of weeks ago. Should be interesting, but I’m pretty nervous – I’ve never really done anything like that before, and I’m petrified of public speaking. Still, the only way to get over the fear is to make yourself do it until it isn’t scary any more, or so I’ve been told, so I’m sure it’ll be good for me!

Some interesting things coming up on the SLA front too. I’ve been asked to join a “task force” aiming to produce an “alignment toolkit” for members, to assist with putting the findings of SLA’s Alignment Project to use. I don’t really know what this is actually going to entail, but it sounded interesting (if you haven’t looked at the alignment project yet, it’s well worth spending a bit of time on – it isn’t behind a login, so you don’t have to be an SLA member to check it out). Apparently the project board will be in touch with me soon with details about what’s actually expected of this task force, so I’ll probably blog more on that when I know a bit more about it.

So, it’ll be a busy time for me for a while! I actually prefer it that way – I think I’d feel a bit lost without a few projects to work on πŸ™‚


One comment on “Post-holiday catch-up

  1. I was out of the office for just one day and came back to an additional 100 emails in my inbox, and only 3 of them were spam.

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