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Library Day in the Life Round 4: Friday

I am taking part in the Library Day in the Life this week. I am currently working as an information assistant at a London law firm. The eagle-eyed reader may notice that these posts were written last week – I am on holiday at the moment, celebrating the end of my MSc in Library and Information Studies, so decided to write these early so I could still take part. I thought lots of posts talking about my holiday this week would probably just annoy people!

Friday 22nd January

Last day of work before holidays! Made it in for the usual time, did the post and journals, and got on with putting together the Legal News Updater. Was briefly distracted by a discussion on the BIALL mailing list about publishers charging extortionate amounts for loose leaf updates – this is getting to be quite a serious problem, with the massive price hikes coinciding with most libraries having their budgets slashed. I didn’t contribute anything to the discussion, as I don’t actually have any involvement with budgeting and renewals in my workplace, but it was interesting seeing the solutions people were suggesting. There’s apparently going to be a discussion forum with the main law publishers at this years BIALL conference, to address these issues.

Got the LNU finished and sent out by 11.45, then spent the next hour putting together the weekly construction client update. Had a bit of a tidy for the next 15 minutes, replied to a few emails that had come in through the morning and added another course to the BIALL website, then went to lunch.

Discovered to my horror that the Websense filters at work now block not just Gmail, but the Gmail iGoogle widget too – so I now can’t get into my personal email at all! I can see it on my phone, but only if I leave the building – I don’t get any 3G signal within the building at all, and for some reason my phone doesn’t like the office wifi network. Ah well.

Spent my lunch break doing a bit of blogging, and playing with the SLA Europe WordPress site I set up yesterday. It’s a little basic at the moment, but hopefully I should have enough there to get across to the rest of the committee what I’m trying to do.

After lunch, I spent an hour writing a list of my jobs that need covering while I’m away and faffing around with Outlook, trying to set up permissions on my various subfolders so that my colleagues can get into my alerts. Figured it out in the end – it’s just been so long since I had to do anything like that in Outlook, I couldn’t remember where all the settings lived!

Next up I headed off to do the weekly book round. Every Friday I generate a list of “overdue” books (we don’t enforce loan periods, obviously, but it’s good to keep track of how long someone’s had something for. It’s basically a way of checking that, if someone’s had a book for more than a fortnight, they actually still need it) and go round the offices, asking if the books are still in use and checking for anything else that might have found it’s way to someone’s office without being signed out. Our lawyers quite often borrow books from each others offices without updating the sign-out record, so it’s also a good way of making sure that the person we think has a book actually still has it – otherwise it causes massive problems when someone else wants the book but it’s not where our records say it should be.

That took me up to 4.30. I decided it wasn’t worth starting anything major with only an hour to go, so spent the next half hour tidying up my inbox, cancelling various mailing lists and forwarding on anything that was going to need attention within the next two weeks.

I’d been sent details of the annual BIALL Cheese and Wine evening from the PR and Promotions Committee, so I added the events details and booking form to the website. That left me with 20 minutes to fill, which I spent tidying up my desk (long overdue actually – I’m very much a messy desk person, there were piles of random stuff all over the place!), and reading a couple of professional body newsletters. Then set my email out of office message, changed my voicemail message, and headed home to pack! Realised when I was half way home that I’d forgotten to wash up my tea mug before I left, so that’ll be sat on my desk growing penicillin… Other than that, a productive end to the week I think!

And that’s the end of my week in the life. Hope it’s been vaguely interesting to anyone reading… I certainly found it interesting to write. Even more so when I compare this weeks entries with my posts from the last round, when I’d just started in this job and clearly had a lot less to do than I do now! Looking forward to reading everyone else’s Library Day in the Life posts when I get back off holiday. Have decided to completely unplug while I’m away, so all my emails and RSS feeds will have to remain unread until I get back. I’m actually rather curious about just how many unread items I’ll have waiting for me when I get back, wonder if “unplugging” will seem like such a good idea then!


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