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Catching up…

The blog’s been a bit quiet for the last few weeks, for various reasons – hurtling ever closer to my dissertation deadline, spending what free time I do have on christmas shopping and catching up with the friends I’ve been neglecting; plus the unwelcome return of my sleepwalking and occasional insomnia (last seen at about this point in my first degree…) meaning I’m pretty zombie-fied for most of my waking hours anyway!

I did manage to get a day out at Online last week, which was great fun. I went along to the SLA Europe breakfast in the morning, and got chatting to some fellow SLA members (including Gimena Campos Cervera, the 2009 SLA European Information Professional award winner – good to catch up with her; hadn’t seen her since the SLA summer soiree!), then spent some time on the SLA Europe stand and some wandering around the exhibition. I managed to make it Mary Ellen Bates’ seminar on using social media in the workplace: she’s a fascinating speaker, and always has some interesting insights.

The big news on the SLA stand was of course the launch of the 2010 Early Career Conference Awards. Having been a lucky recipient of one of the 2009 awards, I cannot emphasise enough how valuable the experience was. I would urge anyone who is eligible for the award (you just need to be within the first 5 years of your career as an information professional) to apply – details are on the SLA Europe site. Also, if you want to hear the perspectives of past winners of the award and get some advice on applying, check out the SLA ECCA Ning – we’re all happy to share our experiences and answer any questions.

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