The Library Routes Project wiki is now live!

A post I wrote last week about how on earth people figure out that they want to be librarians, provoked a surprising (for me) amount of comments. It seems a lot of people have an interest in the subject! This prompted a suggestion from Jennie Law that we should all blog our library roots/routes (a few people already have: see here, here and here – apologies if I’ve missed any others!). Ned (aka thewikiman) then suggested that we should try and collect these posts, to create a resource for new and potential new professionals.

While I was twiddling my thumbs and thinking what a good idea that was, Ned went off and set up a wiki to do exactly that. And here it is: The Library Routes Project Wiki. Obviously, it needs a few more entries to start with! So, if you’ve already blogged something along these lines, head over to the wiki and add in a link. If not, why not write something now? You don’t have to be a blogger to contribute: if you don’t have a blog, just create a new page on the wiki and write your entry there! Ned’s put some instructions on how to do so on the wiki, but if you have any trouble just let us know.

5 comments on “The Library Routes Project wiki is now live!

  1. Please submit this to the medical library blog carnival! Just go to http://blogcarnival.com/bc/cprof_6092.html

    The carnival will be at my blog next weel: http://alisha764.wordpress.com

    Also I’ll work on a post about how 3 became a librarian & specifically a medical librarian.

    Thank you for creating this wiki!
    Alisha Miles

  2. I read the article in the CILIP gazette and just want to say that as someone just starting out in librarianship the library routes project is a fantastic resource. I am avidly checking the wiki for new stories because each one I read just makes me more excited about the career paths that lie ahead. I’m thinking I might contribute anyway even though I’m just starting out, as I probably do have a lot to say about why I decided a traineeship was for me.

    • Really glad to hear you’re finding it useful! Please do submit your own entry – I think it’s good to have a mix of people with different levels of experience contributing to this.
      Good luck in your graduate trainee program – hope you’re enjoying it!

  3. I’m putting a bit about it in the Oxford Libraries staff newsletter – hopefully people will be inspired to post! I think it’s a great idea and that it will provide guidance as well as just interesting reads.

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