Been a bit quiet on the blogging front recently – this is of course because I’ve been messing around on the internet and generally procrastinating hard at work on my dissertation! In moments away from my dissertation work, I’ve also (re)discovered LibraryThing. I set up an account months ago, and didn’t really do much with it, as is my usual pattern with web 2.0-type stuff. I came back to it because I’ve been trying to organise my books at home (moved into a new flat with my partner about 6 months ago, books have been in haphazard piles ever since…) and thought it would be useful to have some kind of list of what I actually have, what books are mine/his, etc. I’m also making a reading list for myself (exciting, no?) of all the stuff I’m going to read just for fun when I’ve finished my dissertation.

I did briefly toy with the idea of making an Excel spreadsheet, and then I remembered LibraryThing. I’ve been adding books to it now and then for the last couple of weeks, and just shattered through my 200 book limit so have had to upgrade to a paid account. I am totally fine with this though – it’s a lovely site, and I’m quite willing to pay for things online that I find useful.

I’m actually finding it really useful for keeping track of books I’ve read, books I want to read but don’t have, books I have but haven’t read yet, books for my dissertation, books I stole from my Mum and should probably return soon… Anyway, my stuff is here if anyone fancies taking a look!


3 comments on “LibraryThing

  1. Hi, best of luck with the dissertation, i wrote mine over the easter holiday, and it such hard slog. I have taken a look at your library of books, I agree with lots of your star ratings, like ‘I Capture the Castle’, amazing book! So I will see which books you have also rated highly to put on my ‘books to read next’ mental list.

  2. LibraryThing is quite fun, isn’t it – what I got fed up with though (apart from being too tight to shell out for paid membership) was the emphasis on books you own – I’m much more interested in tracking what I’ve *read*, and being a librarian most of that is library books. I’ve been using Bookarmy.com for a while which isn’t as whizzy as LibraryThing but has more of a focus on reading, and less on cataloguing what you’ve got. I do enough cataloguing at work anyway!

    • Haven’t looked at BookArmy before, might have to have a play with that. Looks like an interesting site, cheers for the tip!

      I get what you’re saying about wanting to track books you’ve read, not just books you own – but that’s pretty much what I do on LibraryThing! I have separate collections for books that are actually on my shelves (my library), books I’ve borrowed from my university library, books I’ve borrowed from my Mum, and books I read a while ago but can’t remember where I got them from (read but unowned). I find it really useful to compartmentalise like that – I know not everyone uses it the same way though.

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