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Library Day in the Life: Wednesday

Am taking part in the Library Day in the Life this week. I am currently working as an information assistant at a London law firm, and also studying towards my MSc in Library and Information Studies at City University.

Wednesday 29th July

The morning followed my standard pattern – much less post than usual due to the Royal Mail strike, but otherwise same-old. For some reason there was loads to go in the current awareness bulletin (no more comedy articles about sexy librarians though!) so I took a bit longer than usual to get it together. I finished and sent it to my colleague for proof reading at about 12.30, then went off to lunch.

Was on enquiries in the afternoon – reasonably busy, but not manic (apparently it doesn’t really get busy during the summer recess). Had a bit of detective work to do, which was fun – one of our lawyers needed to track down an expert on insurance, and the only details we had were his name, the fact that he was probably in his early 60s, retired and used to be a member of the CII. I tried a couple of person search engines I know, which did turn up some possible results but no way to be sure it was the right person. I ended up phoning the CII, who confirmed that he was a member and agreed to forward on an email to him for us.

The rest of the afternoon was spent continuing with some work the person on enquiries in the morning had started – one of our partners is going to a conference next month, and wanted some background information on nine of the delegates (I assume he is hoping to get some business from them). I did a pretty thorough job throughout the afternoon, checking the industry press and general news searches for any mention of them or their companies. I did have a brief break mid-afternoon to order a book on approval – book ordering is usually done by another member of staff but I wanted to see the process.

Finished work at 5.30 and headed home to enjoy my first evening in this week! Made some spinach and mushroom soup for tea, and settled down to some blogging while my boyfriend killed things on his XBox. Good times!


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