SLA 2009: LMD Business Meeting Luncheon

As I was being co-sponsored by the Leadership and Management Division, I got to attend their business meeting lunch on the Monday. It was interesting to see, although a lot of the items discussed went slightly over my head, given that I don’t have much frame of reference for the inner workings of the division! I was also presented with my certificate for the award by Sylvia, my mentor, who said some rather lovely things about why I had been selected for sponsorship and what they hoped to achieve with the award, in terms of engaging with the new generation of information professionals and future leaders in the profession. She also said that they like to keep up with their award winners’ career development: I’ll try to give them some interesting things to follow!

Stephen Abram gave a speech on the theme of “no excuses”, which I attempted to live tweet – the first time I’d tried doing that! Essentially, his speech was about the need to put ourselves forward as info pros and shout about the great work we do. He referred to the “culture of victimisation” that exists within librarianship: the tendency to whine about how no-one understands (or cares) what we do, or appreciates us for it. He pointed out that librarians and info pros should be to the information economy of the 21st century what engineers and scientists were to the 20th century, but that we can’t wait around for others to realise it or others [IT professionals, perhaps?] will take this opportunity instead.

Some of my Tweets from Stephen Abram's speech

Some of my Tweets from Stephen Abram's speech


3 comments on “SLA 2009: LMD Business Meeting Luncheon

  1. Sounds like it was really worthwhile. culture of victimisation idea is interesting. I wonder if you’re also seeing a culture of change?

    • Not sure what you mean by “culture of change” – do you mean in the context that this is a changing profession? (Sorry for being slow – don’t think I’ve quite recovered from the journey home yet!)

  2. […] to me that only one of the sessions I attended was specifically about LIS (or two, if you count Stephen Abram’s speech at the LMD business meeting). Looking at the programme, there were plenty of LIS-specific sessions […]

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