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Musings on my new job

Been a bit quiet on the blogging front for the past fortnight: have been insanely busy attempting to finish off my dissertation proposal, tidy up all the loose ends in my current job and get ready for my new job, and find time to prepare for the SLA conference next week. Fortunately, I managed to get my proposal finished just in time for the deadline last week (yay!) so I now have a brief hiatus while I wait for it to be approved so I can start my dissertation proper.

In the meantime, I’ve mainly been trying to find clothes that will fit the dress code at my new job (no laughing matter – the last two jobs I’ve been in have been pretty much “anything goes” in terms of wardrobe, whereas this place is “business casual”. This worries me – I don’t do smart very well. My usual look is best described as “shambolic hippie”: smart clothes just make me look like a shambolic hippie who’s been forced to wear smart clothes for the day, possibly at gunpoint).

I’ve also been having a general read-through of the employee handbook sent to me by my new employers (just for kicks!), and am also slightly worried by their IT and Communications policy. Apparently, I’m not allowed to access “commercial web based email” from work (bye-bye Gmail!), “habitually access Internet sites…for reasons unrelated to the Firm’s business or your responsibilities” (so long, Twitter and Google Reader!). More importantly, I am not allowed to blog from work (although they don’t ban employees from having a blog at all, as I’ve heard some places do – as long as I don’t “discuss confidential work-related issues” or say anything bad about the company, which I wouldn’t do anyway! Besides anything else, for personal reasons I prefer to keep this blog anonymous, so I wouldn’t say anything that would allow the casual reader to identify where I work).

Tbh, it’s not like I spend all my time at work blogging, twittering and using the various Google products I like. Generally, that sort of thing is confined to my lunch break, or the occasional quiet hour on the issue desk (which will probably be a thing of the past in my new job!). Still, it is nice to have the option. And I do genuinely find Twitter and Google Reader useful for professional purposes: virtually all of the people I follow on Twitter are librarians or other information professionals, and while I do have a few “just for fun” feeds in my reader, they are mostly LIS or law related.

I guess I’ll wait and see how strict this policy is: I’m hoping they don’t actually block too many sites, as that would mean I couldn’t, say, update my blog or catch up with my feeds in my lunch break. Ah well: if all else fails, I can at least Twitter via my lovely G1 phone!


One comment on “Musings on my new job

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