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If all the other librarians jumped of a cliff, I would totally be there.

So I’ve decided at long last to set up my very own blog. Well, everyone else was doing it! I get most of my “professional awareness” from the blogosphere (plus, like 90% of my lulz), so it seemed only fair to contribute something myself. I also thought it might be another outlet for my thoughts on LIS/uni stuff than my lovely long suffering boyfriend, who must have earned himself some kind of library qualification by now just from listening to me. [I’ve just said that to him and he looks a bit hurt – I’ve had to promise him that I’ll keep telling him stuff as well as posting on here!]

I don’t really know how often I’ll post on here, or what kinds of things I’ll be writing about. It’s an experiment really. Hopefully someone might be reading this – if you are, thanks! Stick around, it might get better!


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