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Thank you for not tweeting

I was at the CILIP London Branch AGM tonight, and there was a talk from Professor David Nicholas on UCL’s “Google Generation” research project. Interesting stuff, will probably blog about it tomorrow, but I just wanted to write a quick post about something that happened right at the end of the evening. I’d been tweeting […]


Saw this comic a couple of weeks ago (HT @barbaragordon) and – as well as making me laugh – it made me think about my own online profile. Now, I pretty much live online. I’m on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, LibraryThing, Delicious, Google Reader, Flickr, Blogger, WordPress (of course!) and probably a bunch of others I’ve […]

Post-holiday catch-up

So, I got back from Egypt almost a week ago (which was fab! Some pics on Flickr, if anyone’s interested) and I’ve had a lot of catching up to do! Came back to over 100 emails (in my personal inbox) and over 600 new items in Google Reader. Have cleared my inbox now but am […]

Organising collections

Lyn Robinson (director of the Information Studies Scheme at City University, where I am studying) has an interesting post on her blog about the nature of collections. She talks about how she arranges and rearranges her books (and other collections of objects) in her home, never quite satisfied with how they are organised, as every […]

Happy New Year!

Well, here’s to 2010! 2009 was a pretty good year for me overall, so really I’m hoping for much the same from 2010. There’s quite a few good things coming up this year – I will hand in my dissertation in a couple of weeks; jet off to Egypt for a much-needed holiday shortly after […]

I’m sorry, it doesn’t exist

Just a little food for thought before the holidays – this’ll probably be my last post until after the new year (unless something extra fun and exciting crops up that I just have to blog about – always a possibility!). Happy Hogswatch everyone! *** There’s an interesting (and only slightly ranty) thread on the Librarians […]

Wants a MASSIVE database with everything in it kthx

**DISCLAIMER** Mindful of what happened last time I tried to comment that a non-librarian blogger might be a bit mistaken regarding access to information issues, I’d just like to point out that I am not having a go at Andrew! Just find users’ perspective on this stuff interesting. K? *** Stumbled across this blog post […]

So long, and thanks for all the spinning GIFs

The sad demise of Geocities a few days ago has got me thinking about the problems with using free services to host your data. The first I’d heard of Geocities shutting down was xkcd‘s commemorative redesign on Monday (screenshot), and I have to admit it did give me a twinge of nostalgia – I’m fairly […]

Careers advice

Several months ago, inspired by a talk at the CILIP CDG New Professionals Conference, I started writing a post about how I got into librarianship. Between one thing and another I never finished writing it, but was reminded of it today by the lovely @SmilyLibrarian, who asked on Twitter: “Wondering how/why people got into librarianship, […]

Athens users

On Tuesday evening, I got home after having dinner with some library school friends and decided to put in a couple of hours work on my dissertation in advance of a meeting with my supervisor on Wednesday (which went swimmingly – didn’t get told off for starting a new job when I was supposed to […]


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