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CILIP Yorkshire & Humberside members day 2010

On the train on the way home from the members day now, so thought I’d jot some thoughts down while it’s all still fresh in my mind. I’m posting this via email from my phone, which I’ve never tried doing before, so apologies if the formatting/spelling is a bit off! I’m really glad I got […]

NPC 2010: my impressions

My fellow presenters and delegates from Monday’s New Professionals Conference have already been blogging up a storm, so I’ve decided not to do a full write-up of everyone else’s talks. Instead, I’m just going to jot down a few impressions and ideas inspired by the talks I saw. If you want to see some good […]


Saw this comic a couple of weeks ago (HT @barbaragordon) and – as well as making me laugh – it made me think about my own online profile. Now, I pretty much live online. I’m on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, LibraryThing, Delicious, Google Reader, Flickr, Blogger, WordPress (of course!) and probably a bunch of others I’ve […]

SLA Europe – Tweeting While You Work

Went to a really interesting discussion on Tuesday, hosted by SLA Europe, on “Tweeting While You Work”. I know others are blogging this – there should be something on the SLA Europe blog about it soon – plus I was too busy on camera duty to take any notes, so I won’t go into masses […]

CILIP membership

Had a really interesting conversation on Twitter today about CILIP membership fees. I just wanted to jot down a few thoughts here, as I really think that there’s more to say about this than can be accommodated in 140 characters… The Twitter talk kicked off because the renewals for my various professional body memberships are […]

Professional body membership, benefits of

On Wednesday evening I went along to the CLIG AGM, at the lovely Ye Olde Mitre. I’ve only recently joined CLIG, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that my employer would pay for membership – not only for CLIG, but apparently for any relevant professional body (my boss’ words were “CILIP, BIALL, any of the […]

CILIP Umbrella: Second Life

My final session I attended was on “Professional inspiration to join the communities of Second Life”. I went along to this one out of pure curiosity – I’d never used Second Life at all, I didn’t really understand what it was for and I absolutely didn’t get how it could be a useful tool for […]


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