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BIALL 2010: Amanda McKenzie – “The Legal Services Act: What it means for legal and information professionals”

The final talk from BIALL I want to write about was Amanda McKenzie’s tremendously detailed talk on the Legal Services Act 2010. The Legal Services act is one of those things that I know is incredibly important, but I’ve never really been able to get my head around, so it was useful to have such […]

BIALL 2010: Anneli Sarkanen and James Mullan – “Using wikis as cost saving tools at FFW”

This  was a presentation I’d really been looking forward to: Anneli Sarkanen and James Mullan talking about the wiki they’d set up for use within their firm. The IS/KM team at Field Fisher Waterhouse wanted to introduce a wiki for various purposes: increased collaboration, cross department/office working, knowledge sharing, project management, and drawing together content. The […]

BIALL 2010: Harriet Creamer – “Knowledge Management Refocused”

I went along to Harriet Creamer’s presentation on Knowledge Management not really knowing what to expect. I’ve never had any involvement with KM at my firm, and I’ve never really been that clear on what it entails, so I was looking forward to hearing what Harriet had to say about it. I wasn’t disappointed – this […]

BIALL 2010: Integreon talks about outsourcing

I had high hopes for the next session – Chris Bull and Michael Maher from Integreon discussing “Emerging Alternative Models for Managing Information Resources in Law Firms: Outsourcing, Co-sourcing, Offshoring”. Outsourcing is a pretty hot issue in law libraries at the moment. A few firms have outsourced their libraries and other support departments to Integreon recently, the latest […]

BIALL 2010: Catherine Kenwright and Anthony Davies – “Delivering Change, Changing Perceptions”

In the first plenary session on the Friday, Catherin Kenwright from Irwin Mitchell and Anthony Davies from LexisNexis discussed a project undertaken by Irwin Mitchell, in partnership with LexisNexis, to “deliver a comprehensive integrated knowledge solution to the firm”. Catherine started off by detailing the challenges the Learning and Knowledge Management team at Irwin Mitchell were facing in […]

BIALL 2010: Keri Gray – “You’re Hired! Practical tips and techniques for the confident interview”

Keri Gray gave some good, practical tips on preparing for and performing well in interviews. Her slides are embedded below, or you can see them on Slideshare – worth having a proper look through, there’s some really good tips in there about interview questions. A couple of points that stood out for me: Preparation: Research […]

BIALL 2010: David Gurteen – “People 2.0: Working in a 2.0 World”

Finally got around to writing up the sessions I attended at BIALL! Will be publishing these over the next few days… For the first plenary session of the conference, David Gurteen talked about how “web 2.0″/social networking tools can benefit knowledge management and facilitate knowledge sharing. David’s slides are available on Slideshare. He explained that […]

BIALL Conference 2010: General reflections

Last week I attended the BIALL annual conference in Brighton. I will be writing up some of the sessions I attended over the next week or so. Probably not all of them – I’m a little short on time! – but I will write about the ones I found most useful/interesting. In the meantime, I […]

Various announcements

There’s been a couple of exciting developments in WoodsieWorld since I last blogged! First, the talk I’m doing with @thewikiman at the CILIP Career Development Group / Yorkshire and Humberside branch member’s day has been officially announced. There are details on the CILIP website, and on thewikiman’s own site. Sadly, the event is only open to […]

Post-holiday catch-up

So, I got back from Egypt almost a week ago (which was fab! Some pics on Flickr, if anyone’s interested) and I’ve had a lot of catching up to do! Came back to over 100 emails (in my personal inbox) and over 600 new items in Google Reader. Have cleared my inbox now but am […]


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